Family Facts and Figures
Last update: 31st December 2011

Overall Total of Individuals related or linked to Atkin in Database: 6120
Average Lifespan: 60.0
Number of Family Trees Published: 29
Number of Distant Family Trees (pfd): 17
Number of Remote Family Trees (pdf): 5
Oldest recorded person:  Thomas Holman born abt 1400 - see Distant Trees
Newest Arrival to the family: Bianca Richards born 27th August 2009.
Largest Family: Shearmur comprising 347 members (todate).
Most Notorious Person: John Holloway - Brighton Trunk Murderer
Most Famous:
Sharon Churcher - Lead Columnist for Daily/Sunday Mail
Edward Shearmur - Musical Composer
Individual Family Members Biographies: 3
Number of Surnames: 1,192
Generations:  15
Marriages:  1,737

Places: 2194

Countries of Origin :  England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Argentina, Germany, Poland, Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, France,  Australia, Denmark & Kuwait