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This site is a non commercial/non official amateur creation. 
Whilst every care has been taken to provide accurate information in respect of any individual/family herein, we cannot accept responsibility for any error within the said  content. 
We do not claim that subject information represents a 100% officially recognised genealogical record but a co-ordination of data gathered from various sources, including for: official census records, BDM records, both public and private individual family members/trees etc. and/or national/local archives.  

We are not academic scholars or professional genealogist but just amateur enthusiast who enjoy the world of genealogy and wish to share with others.

Before delving into the site, it might be useful to understand the navigational structure of the pages and the significance of the numerous links we have included.  As you will have seen from the home page, you have four main sections to choose from.  For explanation of a subject either select from the contents list below or browse down the page.


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See below for site Privacy Policy - Living Persons

The Essentials
Surname Index page.NO LONGER AVAILABLE - See Register of Family Names Below.

Register of Family Names is a list ever individual family member in our database laid out alphabetical groups.  In the first instance, we have provided an alphabetical link table at the top of the page.  Just click on relevant letter that a Surname begins with.  You will now be presented with a table listing all the Surnames currently recorded for that alphabetical letter, click on a Surname and this will take you to the relevant branch of the family listing all subject individual. Having hopefully found a name of interest, links are further provided to take you to that individual within their family tree.

Index of Site Tree's and Branches - this is simply a useful index of all the Family Tree's and Branches currently included within the site.
Browse down the list of Families listed, then click on a name.

Family Facts & Figures link records overall interesting statistics.

Family Inter-Relationships is a simple fan out diagram showing the linked relationship between the principle family and the connection with the other family trees by colour code.

The What’s New page is where we post latest updates as information becomes available, these of course will be linked to a subject individual.

Site Index, an alphabetical listing of all main features of the the site. A useful page that might be helpful if you do not know quiet what you are looking for.

Finally in this section, we have included a page called Site News.  We will publish information regarding any new features we introduce, announcements, acknowledgements for received information and any other general news which we think might interest you.

Family Trees provides links to the four main branches of the family.  Further links are then provided at the top of each primary family tree page to other branches of the family.  However, within each branch you will also find other links denoted by (Main or Sub-Branch Links) either back to a main branch or other extended family branches, mainly linked via an individual or the parents of that individual.  In addition to the primary and extended family trees, further distant or remote family trees can be viewed as a Pdf output.  These can be accessed from within the extended family tree as denoted by (Remote Branch Link).  See Distant Families Trees below.
In addition within branch trees, further links are included for related trees denoted by [Related Trees - Family Name].   These are further extended family trees in Pdf format as above, linked via a marriage within a branch tree.

Navigation within all family tree pages follows the same linked structure.  Following the entry of each separate family member, we have listed the children borne by the subject parents.   Where these children have descendants or have died, links will exist to take you to that particular individual entry.  Similarly, you can link back to subjects parents by clicking on the provided [Parents] link.

In addition to providing as much information about each person as we have available, you will observe that where possible, we have included a photographic image of the subject person.  However, we have also included additional photographs depicting major events in the life of the family, which can be viewed by following the [Go to Photo] links.  To return to original page, just hit your back button on your browser.

Where ever possible, we have included certification details related to an individual for their birth, marriage & death.  These details have been extracted from the official UK BDM register and other countries registers and recorded in blue.  For example: Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 1904 5h 1122 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Quick word about [Notes].  These will be recorded in blue and are drawn from either family members memories or extracted from census records about a person or an event in their lives.  In many cases, it is difficult to substantiate their validity but they do give an interesting insight about the life and times of an individual.

Friendly Print for Family Trees.  To generate a printed copy for any of the family trees/branches, open a family tree then browse down to bottom of the page.  You will find a link VIEW/PRINT TREE SUMMARY.  Hit this link which will open a text or Pdf file output which can then be viewed or printed off in the normal manner.  When finished, hit your back button to return you to the original web page.
Currently we are endeavouring to update the format of each family tree from plain text output to that of Pdf output - see details of this change below under Distant Family Trees.

Acknowledgements:  Within each family tree you will come across this icon  .   This indicates that a contribution has been made which has been incorporated into the tree and thereby establishes the source but more importantly, credits & acknowledges the supplied information.  By clicking on the icon, you will be able to view the subject acknowledgement.

Branches list all those family trees which are related to one of the primary Family Trees.  These are the extended branches of the family but still remain full trees in there own right.  All links follow the same navigational format as those described above.

Photographs & Useful Links
Family Timeline, This page takes the form of a table listing the years between 1632 and the present (2006).  Against each year a historical notable event is shown which in turn then records individual family members whom were alive at that time.

A selection of Family Photographs Albums depicting places and other major family events.

The Family Portrait Gallery depicts photographs of family members as part of a project to collect and preserve (especially old)  images of which so often get lost or destroyed with the passing of time.

Links Page provides useful links to other sites of interest, especially those related to genealogy.

Historical Maps page provides a small selection of maps which readers might find interesting as they show the changing landscape over time.

Our Guestbook which speaks for it's self.  Please take moment to sign our guestbook as we are always interest to know what you think of the site.  Your comments are always welcome, especially those that lead to improving the site to the benefit and pleasure of our visitors.

Search Engine facility.  Simply enter in the 'find box' a name, location or known event and the search engine will return all entries that related to your query.

Distant Family Trees. These are families which although linked via one of the published extended families are only related via a marriage.  As such, these families although worthly of research are not included within the web site in the normal manner but published only as a Pdf* output. As with the Friendly Print for Family Trees, hit the link and this will take you to a Pdf file output which can then be printed off in the normal manner.  When finished, hit your back button to return you to the original web page.  Please be aware that to view/print Pdf files, you will require Adobe Acrobat reader v6.0 or above which can be downloaded free.  A link to Adobe can be found on the Distant Trees page.

Site Privacy Policy - Living Persons
Please be aware that any information contributed to this site in respect of any living person will be added to the master family database once substantiated, which in turn may be published on this site.  However, we recognizes and respect an individual/group may wish to retain their privacy and have therefore introduced the following Privacy Policy.  Where information is provided regarding a living individual or number of individuals, the following will apply:

i.  All information will be published unless the contributor states that the supplied information should remain private.
i. No information will be published that is related to a persons present location that would allow a stranger to contact/locate them directly.
iii.  In the event that information has already been published and the subject individual wishes to retract said information, the person
concerned should contact the site administrator.

Whilst every care has been taken to record accurately all facts related to any individual, mistakes may have occurred.  If you spot an error or even better, can provide any additional information, why not drop us a line

Updated: 10th October 2010