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The name Allam reputedly derives from the Middle East belonging to an antesceding father who was the War Lord.  Around 700 BC he sent 600 of his family members from Yemen to go and spread Islam throughout the whole of North Africa.  After the conquest of Andalusia, many Allam warriors settled in Andalusia and from there, their descendants probably moved to the rest of Europe. The Allamís were a noble tribe dating back to 3000 BC and it is said that if you have the surname Allam, you must descend from this ancient tribe.
Source: Nabil.Allam @ SpiroII@aol.com

Descendants of Richard Allam
b 1729

1st Generation
Richard ALLAM: Born 1729 in Horton sum Studley, Oxfordshire.  Married Elizabeth Jones (b1729) in 1749. 

Richard ALLAM
Richard ALLAM born 1768 at Islip, Oxfordshire.

2nd Generation
Richard ALLAM: Born abt 1756.  Married Hannah Hewitt (b1759). [Parents]
(Generations: Richard1)
 Richard D ALLAM
William ALLAM
Andrew ALLAM born c1786 at Islip, Oxfordshire.  Married Sarah.

1841 census records Richard Allam living in an Almshouse at Horton & Studley, Oxfordshire at the age of 85
Almshouses are charitable housing provided to enable people (typically elderly people who can no longer work to earn enough to pay rent to live in a particular community.  They are often targeted at the poor of a locality, at those from certain forms of previous employment, or their widows, and are generally maintained by a charity or the trustees of a bequest.

3rd Generation

Richard D ALLAM: Born 1778 in Horton cum Studley in the parish of Beckley.  Married Patience Young 20th December 1807 in Islip, Oxfordshire. Occupation: Wheel Wright/Carpenter. [Parents].
(Generations: Richard2, Richard1)

Patience YOUNG: Born 1786 daughter of Andrew & Elizabeth Young. Died 1841.

William ALLAM
Richard ALLAM
Hannah ALLAM born 1827 at Islip, Oxfordshire.
Mary ALLAM born 1821 at Islip, Oxfordshire.
Susanna ALLAM born 1826 at Islip, Oxfordshire.

Richard D Allam occupied & owned a Wheelwrights shop north of the churchyard, opposite the old school house replaced c1880 by the present house called Confessor's Gate. In 1851 was known to be employing two men.

William ALLAM: Born c1786 at Islip, Oxfordshire.  Married unknown. [Parents]
(Generations: Richard2, Richard1)


4th Generation

William Allam: Born 3rd April 1808 in Islip, Oxfordshire, England.  Married Sophia Varney 12th 12th Novemer 1835. William died 1863 and was buried 26 November.[Parents]
(Generations: Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

William attended Dr South's Charity School 1816-21, becoming a Wheel Wright.
In 1851 was living in Middle Street.  On the death of his father in 1856, he moved into his fathers premises
and continued to run the family business.  In 1871, Sophia his wife is listed as still running the
family business employing two men.

Sophia VARNEY: Born 1811 at Wheatley, Oxfordshire, England

William Henry ALLAM
Phoebe Ann ALLAM.  Born 1843 at Islip, Oxfordshire, England. Baptism: 1st January.
Sarah Sophia ALLAM.

John ALLAM: Born 1826 in Islip, Oxfordshire.  Married Mary A (Unknown). [Parents]
(Generations: Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Mary A:  Born 1826 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Rose ALLAM: Born 1858 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
William ALLAM: Born 1860 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Albert ALLAM: Born 1862 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Benjamin ALLAM: Born 1864 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Patience ALLAM

1851 census records John Allam occupation as Wheelwright/Journeyman

6.Richard ALLAM: Born 1821 at Islip, Oxfordshire. Married [1] Mary Franklin in 1841.  Married [2] Rachel Perry. [Parents]
(Generations: Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Mary Franklin: Born 1818.  Died 1842.

Children of Richard Allam & Mary Franklin:
Henry ALLAM born 1835 at Islip, Oxfordshire.

Rachel PERRY: Born 1817 at Stanton, Wiltshire.

Children of Richard Allam & Rachel Perry:
Patience ALLAM: Born 1849 in Islip, Oxfordshire.
Richard ALLAM

Rachel is recorded in 1851 as being a Laundress and employing a servant/nanny
Hannah Stop b1834 from Islip to look after the children.

John ALLAM: Born 1810 at Islip, Oxfordshire. Married Ann. [Parents]
(Generations: William3,Richard2, Richard1)

William ALLAM born 1841
Sarah ALLAM born 1847
Ann ALLAM born 1845
Alfred ALLAM born 1850

5th Generation

William Henry ALLAM: Born 1846 in Islip, Oxfordshire, England.  Baptism: 9th Aug 1846. Married Rebecca Ann Ward on 24th November 1870 in Islip, Oxfordshire. Occupation in 1891 known to be Carpenter Wheelwright. [Parents]
(Generations: William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Rebecca Ann WARD:Born 1848 at Murcott, Oxfordshire, England.

Frederick William ALLAM
Agnes ALLAM.  Born 1879 in Islip Oxfordshire, England.
Selena ALLAM. Born 1870 in Islip, Oxfordshire, England.
Andrew ALLAM
William H ALLAM. Born 1871 in Islip, Oxfordshire, England.  Married Ellen Susan L Lumkin - b1872 in Lucknam, Wiltshire, England.Daughter of George Lumkin & Ellen Kingbury.
Marriage Certificate: Chippenham 5a 147 1872 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Aubrey ALLAM: Born 1882 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Arthur ALLAM: Born December 1882 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Birth Certificate: Woodstock 3a 768 1882 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Sophia ALLAM: Born 1886 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Graham ALLAM: Born 1888 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Archie ALLAM: Born 1889 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Oliver ALLAM
Katie ALLAM: Born 1893 in Marylebone, London.

1901 census records William Henry Allam residing at 23 Percy St, Cowley, Oxford.  Occupation: Wheelwright.
1901 census records Arthur Allam employed at Tram Conductor in Oxford.

Sarah Sophia ALLAM: Born 1837 at Islip, Oxfordshire, England. Baptism: 14th May.  Married [1] John Atkins. Married [2] Thomas Chesterman Died 1907 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire. [Parents].
(Generations: William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

[1] John ATKINS:
Source: One World Trees - Ancestry.com -  children's data unsubstantiated.
Marriage Certificate: Bicester 3a 965 1855 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Children of Sarah Sophia Allam & John Atkins
Selina ATKINS born 1855 at Islip, Oxfordshire.
William Henry ATKINS born 1857 at Islip, Oxfordshire
Frederick W ATKINS born 1860 at Islip, Oxfordshire.
William P ATKINS born 1862 at Islip, Oxfordshire.

[2] Thomas CHESTERMAN: Born June 1855 in Stowe, Buckinghamshire.  Son of Henry Chesterman & Sarah Roberts. [Sub Branch Link - Chesterman]
Marriage Certificate: Headington 3a 1120 1875 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Children of Sarah Sophia Allam & Thomas Chesterman:
Henry CHESTERMAN born 1876.  Married Emily Gomm.
Florence CHESTERMAN born June 1878.
Aubrey CHESTERMAN born January 1880

John ALLAM: Born 1845 in Islip, Oxfordshire.  Married Sarah Elliott. [Parents]
(Generations: Richard4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Sarah ELLIOTT: Born 1856 at Stratford. Daughter of Caroline.

William George ALLAM
John Albert ALLAM born 1882 at Battersea, London.  Married Jesse Bright 1906 at Fulham, London.
Marriage Certificate: Fulham 1a 632 1906 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Bertram ALLAM born 1896 at Chertsey, London.
Alice ALLAM born 1888 at Leatherhead, Surrey.
Clara ALLAM born 1892 at Leatherhead, Surrey.

1901 census records John Allam employed at Railway Engine Driver.

Ann ALLAM: Born 1847 in Islip, Oxfordshire.  Married Henry Chadburn 1872 at Lambeth, London. [Parents]
(Generations: Richard4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Henry Chadburn: Born 1847 at Clapham, Surrey, London.

Annie CHADBURN born 1874 at Lambeth, London.  Died 1954.  MarriedCharles Hewitt 25th December 1897.
Henry CHADBURN born 1883 at Battersea, London.
Neille CHADBURN born 1888 at Battersea, London.
Rachel CHADBURN born 1890 at Battersea, London.

Richard ALLAM: Born 1850 at Islip, Oxfordshire.  Married Harriet Colwell in July 1871 at Headington, Oxfordshire. [Parents]
(Generations: Richard4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)
Source: Pearce/Blackmore & Perrylob family trees - Ancestry.com - public trees.

Harriet COLWELL: Born 30th March 1851 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire.  Died 1944 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Lydia Allam born 1871 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire.
Arthur Allam born 1873 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire.
Annie Maria Allam
James N Allam born 1875 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire.
John Allam born 1878 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire.
Herbert Allam born 1881 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire.
Louise Allam born 1882 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire.
Alfred Allam born 1884 in Stowood, Oxfordshire.
Rachel Allam born 1885 in Stowood, Oxfordshire.
Edith Allam born 1886 in Stowood, Oxfordshire.
Beatrice Allam born 1888 in Stowood, Oxfordshire.
Emily Allam born 1889 in Stowood, Oxfordshire.
Flora Allam born 1891 in Stowood, Oxfordshire.
Mildred Allam born 1893 in Stowood, Oxfordshire.

1881 census records Richard's occupation as Wheelwright
1901 census records Richard employed as Carpenter on Estate.

John ALLAM: Born 1839 at Islip, Oxfordshire.  Married Sarah Louisa Proctor [Parents]
(Generations: Richard4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Sarah Louisa PROCTOR: Born 1844 at Islip, Oxfordshire.  Died 1879.

Alfred Richard ALLAM
John ALLAM born 1875 in Surrey, England.
George ALLAM born 1877 in Surrey, England.

Patience ALLAM: Born 1866 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.  Married Richard Wadham in 1888 at Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Died 1938. [Parents
(Generations: John4, Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)
Marriage Certificate: Woodstock, Oxon 3a 863 1888 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Richard WADHAM: Born 1866 at Steeple Ashton, Oxfordshire.  Son of William & Ellen Wadham.

Percy WADHAM born 1888 in London.
William C WADHAM born 1890 at St Pancras, London.
Marion P WADHAM born 1892 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.
John WADHAM born 1893 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.
Frank C WADHAM born 1895 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.
Katherine WADHAM born 1896 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.  Died 1898.
Ellen E WADHAM born 1898 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.
Frederick WADHAM born 1899 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.
Robert WADHAM born 1900 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.
Violet WADHAM born 1906 at Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.  Died 1992.

6th Generation

Frederick William ALLAM: Born 1874 in Islip, Oxfordshire, England.  Married, Gertrude Grindle December 1901 at Southwark, London.  Occupation in 1914, Ammunition Packer at Woolwich Arsensal, London. [Parents]
(Generations: William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Note: Known that Frederick William Allam was in the army with Royal Artillery as driver in 1891 at Woolwich.

Gertrude Annie GRINDLE: Born 1882 in Bermondsey, London. (Sub-Branch Link) [Parents]

Alfred ALLAM
Fredrick ALLAM
Albert ALLAM
Elizabeth ALLAM

Andrew ALLAM:  Born 1877 at Islip, Oxfordshire, England.  Married Ellen Stickley in 1896 at Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Died 24th March 1925 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. [Parents]
(Generations: William5,William4,Richard3,Richard2,Richard1)
Marriage Certificate: Woodstock 3a 988 1896 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Ellen STICKLEY: Born 1875 at South Moreton, Berkshire, England.  Father: Israel Stickley b1851, mother Fanny Tombs. Died 23rd September 1930 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Edward Bertie ALLAM:
Gwendoline ALLAM: Born 1890 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. Married unknown Bowerman.
Violet May Irene ALLAM:
Ellen ALLAM: Born 1910 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Oliver ALLAM: Born 1890 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire.  Married Florence Stephens 1912 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
(Generations: William5,William4,Richard3,Richard2,Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Woodstock, Oxon 3a 837 1890 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Wycombe, Bucks 3a 1830 1912 Apr/Mat/Jun Qtr

Florence J Stephens: Born 1892 at Winchcombe, Gloucestershire.  Daughter ofCharles Stephens & Sarah Ballinger.

Dorothy I ALLAM born 1912 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  Married Eric Evetts (b1899).  Son: Michael Evetts b1947 at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
Birth Certificate: Wycome, Bucks 3a 1933 1912 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Olive J ALLAM born 9th January 1914 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Died Setember 1999 at Eastbourne, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Wycombe, Bucks 3a 2005 1914 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Death Certificate: Eastbourne, Sx C45E 4541 C 60 1999
Aubrey O ALLAM born 1919 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  Died 1920.
Birth Certificate: Wycombe, Bucks 3a 1783 1919 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Death Certificate: Wycombe, Bucks 3a 1050 1920 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Dennis Arthur ALLAM
Roland ALLAM born 21st April 1924 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Died September 2002 in Surrey.
Birth Certificate: Wycombe, Bucks 3a 1516 1924 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Death Certificate: Surrey Northern NSC19 7571C 154 2002

William George ALLAM: Born 1889 at Leatherhead, Surrey.  Married Lizze Willshire. [Parents]
(Generations: John5,Richard4,Richard3,Richard2,Richard1)

Lizzie WILLSHIRE: Born 1889 at Bordon, Sittingbourne, Kent.

Joan ALLAM born 1925 at Montreal, Canada.  Married Keith Bradley (b1923 - Mansonville, Quebec, Canada).
Betty ALLAM born 1916 at Montreal, Canada.  Married Gerald Hunter (b1906 in Huntington, Quebec, Canada.

William George Allam emigrated to Canada in 1910

Alfred Richard ALLAM: Born 1873 in Lambert, London.  Married Alice Collins in 1898 at Epsom, Surrey. [Parents
(Generations: John5,Richard4,Richard3,Richard2,Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Lambeth, London 1d 435 1873 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Epsom, Surrey 2a 1 1898 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Alice Collins: Born 1875 in Chessington, Surrey.  Daughter of Frances Collins & Mary Sharp. Died in Guildford, Surrey.

Alice D ALLAM born 1899 in Ashtead, Surrey.
Florence ALLAM born 1900 in Ashtead, Surrey.

Occupation Engine Driver
Served his apprenticeship at Swindon and became a train driver on the great Western Railway.

Annie Maria ALLAM: Born March 1874 in Headington, Oxfordshire.  Married Edwin Blackmore on 1st August 1905 in Croydon, Surrey.  Died 31st December 1954 in Southend, Essex. [Parents]
(Generations: Richard5,Richard4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Edwin BLACKMORE: Born December 1874 in Croyden, Surrey.  Died 18th November 1945 in Southend, Essex.

Edwin Richard Blackmore born 5th December 1904 in Croydon, Surrey.  Died 1st July 1979 in Wamberal, NSW, Australia.

7th Generation

Alfred Earnest ALLAM: Born 24 August 1903, 22 Frankham Street, Deptford, London, England.  Baptism: 9th December 1903 at Deptford Christ Church.  Married Winifred LYNN 16 August 1927 at Deptford Christ Church.   Died 12th August 1950 at Darvell Hall Nursing Home, Robertsbridge, Sussex.  Buried St Mary's Church, Salehurst, Sussex. [Parents]
(Generations: Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Greenwich, London  1903 1d 1087 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Lewisham, Kent 1927 1d 2621 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Death Certificate: Battle, Sussex 1950 5h 24 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Winifred LYNN: Born 14th September 1905 at Lambeth, London, England.  Died 1969 in Hastings, East Sussex. [Parents] (Main-Branch Link - Lynn)
Birth Certificate: Lambeth, London 1d 431 1905 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Death Certificate: Hastings, Sussex 1969 5h 942 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Margaret ALLAM (Main Branch Link - Davis)
Raymond ALLAM
Patricia ALLAM (Main Branch Link - Swan)
Brenda ALLAM  (Main Branch Link - Atkin)

Alfred Allam occupation: Journeyman.  Previously lived at Ladywell Park, Lewisham, SE London but in 1940 the house was destroyed in a bombing raid during WWII.
Family moved to Robertsbridge, Sussex.

Edith ALLAM: Known to have had daughter, Jean Allam. [Parents]
(Generations: Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3,Richard D2,Richard1)

Albert ALLAM: Born abt 1911 in SE London.  Married Nelly Lockhart. Died 1964. [Parents]
(Generations: Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3,Richard D2,Richard1)

Nelly May LOCKHART: Known prior to marriage as living in Rotherhythe.

Doreen ALLAM
Robert ALLAM
Christine ALLAM

Full details regarding Alberts family to be added shortly.

Elizabeth ALLAM: Married Patrick SAWYER. [Parents]
(Generations: Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3,Richard D2,Richard1)

Patricia SAWYER
Elizabeth SAWYER: Married John Taylor.  Children: Robin Taylor & Susan Taylor.

Edward Bertie ALLAM:  Born 1899 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire.  Married Margaret Putt. 11th November 1922 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. [Parents]
(Generations: Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Woodstock 3a 951 1899 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Woodstock 3a 2414 1922 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Margaret PUTT:  Born 1900 at Somertown.  Daughter of Alfred Putt b1850 & Rhoda Harris b1860.

Lionel ALLAM
Elsie ALLAM: Born 1925 at Oxford, Oxfordshire. Married Vernon George. Child Colin George b1948.
David Ronald (Ronny) ALLAM
William ALLAM

Bertie Allam was known to be a blacksmith but became a publican running the Brittania Public House
in Church Street, Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Violet May Irene ALLAM: Born 11th July 1897 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire.  Married George Albert Putt 1921 at Woodstock, Oxfordshire.  Died 27th January 1990 at Littlemore, Oxfordshire. [Parents](Generations: Andrew6, William5, William4,Richard3,Richard2, Richard1)
Marriage Certificate: Woodstock 3a 2592 1921 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

George Albert Putt: Born 20th July 1898 at Summertown, Oxford.  Son of Albert Putt & Rhoda Harris. Died 1993 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Irene Lavinia PUTT born 24th December 1923 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Lloyd ALLAM: Born 1921.  Married Edna Smith (b1924) [Parents]
(Generations: William6, John5, Richard4,Richard3,Richard2, Richard1)

Jean ALLAM born 1961 at Montreal, Canada.  Married Wayne Juskans (b1962 in Montreal, Canada).
Royden ALLAM

Dennis Arthur ALLAM: Born 31st October 1920 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  Married Mavis Eileen Mills on 16th June 1946 at East Grinstead, Sussex. Died November 2005 at Crawley, Sussex. [Parents
(Generations: Oliver6, William5,William4,Richard3,Richard2,Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Wycombe, Bucks 3a 1697 1920 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Death Certificate: Crawley, Sx A59A 780/1A 266 2005

Mavis Eileen MILLS: Born 23rd January 1924 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

Sandra ALLAM born 1948 at Cuckfield, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Cuckfield, Sussex 5h 228 1948 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Lyn ALLAM born 19th September 1951 at East Grinstead, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Uckfield, Sussex 5h 353 1951 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

8th Generation

Raymond Earnest ALLAM: Born 7th May 1930 in Deptford, London, England.  Married April Natalie WOOD 1953 at Battle, Sussex.  Died 1989 in Hastings, East Sussex. [Parents]
(Generations: Alfred7,Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Deptford, Greater London 1930 1d 1217 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Battle, Sussex 1953 5h 70a Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Death Certificate: Hastings & Rother Vol 18 Page 821 1989

April Natalie WOOD: Born 13th April 1927 in Ticehurst, Sussex.  Daughter of John Wood & Ada Turk.  Prior to marriage to Raymond Allam, was known to have had borne a child Cherry WOOD.  Died May 1997.
Birth Certificate: Ticehurst, Sussex 1927 2b 149 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Death Certificate: Hastings & Rother Reg No A62A 4561 Entry 41
Timothy ALLAM

Doreen ALLAM:Born 1948. Married Jacob Allen. [Parents]
(Generations: Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Jacqualine ALLEN
Cherelle ALLEN.

James ALLAM: Born 1941.  Married unknown [Parents]
(Generations: Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Maxine ALLAM

Robert ALLAM: Born 1942.  Married Margaret Smith. [Parents]
(Generations: Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Amanda ALLAM
Tracey ALLAM
Jancie ALLAM

Peter Dudley ALLAM: Born 24th October 1943 at Robertsbridge, Sussex.  Married Joan Ann Daniel on 21st  January 1961. [Parents]
(Generations: Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Joan Ann Daniel: Born 16th March 1943 at Peckham Rye, London. Daughter of James Daniel & Ethel Fullman.

Living Relative (Private)
Living Relative (Private)

Christine ALLAM: Married Sedley Jackson. [Parents]
(Generations:Albert7, Frederick6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Denise Jackson

Patricia SAWYER: Married Richard Croft.
(Generations:Elizabeth Allam7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)


Lionel ALLAM: Born 1930 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Married Jean Victoria Kirby on 22nd Sepember 1951 at Bletchingdon. [Parents]
(Generations: Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4, Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Jean Victoria KIRBY:  Born 1930.  Daughter of Albert Henry Kirby & Nellie Maria Day.

Children of Lionel & Jean Allam:
Barry Shaun ALLAM
Paul Leslie ALLAM born 23rd September 1954 at Oxford, Oxfordshire. Died: 17th February 2005.

Brian ALLAM: Born 1935 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Married Shirley Druce. [Parents]
(Generations: Edward7, Andrew6, Frederick5,William4,William3,Richard D2,Richard1)

Shirley DRUCE: Born c1930 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Linda ALLAM born c1960 at Oxford.
Pamula ALLAM born c1960 at Oxford
Mandy ALLAM born c1960 at Oxford.

Roy ALLAM:  Born 1940 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Married Mareen Ramsey. [Parents]
(Generations: Edward7, Andrew6, Frederick5,William4,William3,Richard D2,Richard1)

Steven ALLAM born 1960 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Sean ALLAM born c1960 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.

David Ronald ALLAM: Born 1940 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Married Elizabeth Oldman on 1st September 1964 at Oxford. [Parents]
(Generations: Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Jackie ALLAM
David John ALLAM

William Winston ALLAM:  Born 1945 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Married Ann Bumpass[Parents]
(Generations: Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Ann Bumpass: Born 1947 at Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Father: Cecil Bumpass b1911 at Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Mother:Dorothy Carter bc1911 at Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Richard ALLAM born 1969.

Royden ALLAM: Born 1959 in Montreal, Canada.  Married Kathryn Reicheld (b1955).  [Parents]
(Generations: Lloyd7, William6, John5,Rirchard4, Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Kyrsten ALLAM born 1990 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
Christopher ALLAM born 1992 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

9th Generation

Adele ALLAM: Born 7th March 1966 at Peckham Rye, London.  Married Christopher Loft on 16th August 1997 at St Mary's Church, Stone, Kent. [Parents]
(Generations: Peter8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4, Richard3, Richard2,Richard1)

Christopher John Loft: Born 20th June 1968 at Dartford, Kent.

Jack Loft born August 1999.
Amelia Loft born October 2001.

James ALLAM: aka Biddy.  Born 1955 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married Sandra Pawson 1978 at Battle, Sussex.[Parents]
(Generations: Raymond8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)
Marriage Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1978 18 0547 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Sandra M Pawson: Daughter of Leonard Pawson & Barbara Fisher.

Julie Allam
Stephen Allam

Penelope ALLAM: aka Penny: Born 1954 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married Frederick G BULL 1977 at Battle, Sussex.[Parents]
(Generations: Raymond8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)
Marriage Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1977 18 0618 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Raymond BULL
Sarah BULL

Diane E ALLAM: Born 1956 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married Gary E MITCHELL 1986. [Parents]
(Generations: Raymond8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)
Marriage Certificate; Hastings & Rother 1986 18 360 May


Simon ALLAM: Born 1957 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married Linda K Creasey 1978 at Battle, Sussex. [Parents]
(Generations: Raymond7, Alfred6, Frederick5,William4,William3,Richard D2,Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Hastings 1957 5h 314 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1978 18 0333 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Linda K CREASEY: Born 1960 at Battle, Sussex.
Marriage Certificate: Battle, Sussex 1960 5h 1 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr


Tina ALLAM: Born 1st August 1958 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married Norman Michael Turner 25th October 1980 in Battle, Sussex.[Parents]
Birth Certificate: Battle, Sussex 1958 5h 16 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1980 18 0285 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
(Generations: Raymond7, Alfred6, Frederick5,William4,William3,Richard D2,Richard1)
Source: Tina Turner

Norman Michael TURNER: Born 13th March 1950.
Birth Certificate: Hastings 1950 5h 358 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Luke Norman Turner born 21st November 1987.
Birth Certificate: Hastings and Rother 1987 18 814 Nov
Andrew Raymond Turner born 25th May 1990.
Birth Certificate: Hastings and Rother 1990 18 794 Jun

Timothy Paul ALLAM: Born 9th November 1959 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married Susan Stanley 8th September 1984 at Westfield, East Sussex. [Parents]
(Generations: Raymond8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Hastings, Sussex 5h 304 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Hastings & Rother Vol 18 Page 566 1984

Susan Jane STANLEY: Born 6th November 1960 at Cuckfield, East Sussex. Daughter of Leslie Stanley & Barabra Martin. [Distant Tree Link - Martin Family]
Birth Certificate: Cuckfield, Sussex 1960 5h 194 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Leigh Timothy Leslie ALLAM born 16 September 1987 at Hastings, East Sussex.
Carly ALLAM born 15 May 1991 at Hastings, East Sussex.

Garry Peter ALLAM: Born 1st April 1961 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married [1]Caroline Blanch 1988 at Battle, Sussex.  Divorced.  Married [2] Gillian Lisa Jones July 2002 at Hastings Registry Office.  [Parents]
Birth Certificate: Hastings 1961 5h 338 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate (Caroline): Hastings & Rother 1988 18 624 Sep
Marriage Certificate (Gillian): Hastings & Rother 2002 Reg 556 128 RC 41
(Generations: Raymond8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)
Source: Garry Allam
Caroline Blanch.
Holly ALLAM born 14th December 1989.

Gillian Lisa JONES: Born 8th May 1978 in Hastings, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1978 18 0604 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Ace Dennis Allam born 9th June 2005 in Hastings, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Hastings & Rother 2005 B57A 456/1B 279
Tiani April Allam born 12th April 2008 in Hastings, Sussex.

Susan C ALLAM: Born 1963 at Hastings, East Sussex.  Married Keith T Henderson 1993 at Battle, Sussex. [Parents]
(Generations: Raymond8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)
Birth Certificate: Hastings 1962 5h 309 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1993 18 475 Jun
Source: Susan Henderson

Children by first Partner: Michael Clifford ALLAM

Keith T HENDERSON: Born 15th June 1953 at Blandford Forum, Dorset.  Son of Thomas Henderson & Ira Miles.
Birth Certificate: Blandford 1953 6a 678 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Children: Keith & Susan
Natalie Denise Henderson born 28th January 1997.
Birth Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1997 A35A 4561A 185 Feb
Thomas Raymond Henderson born 22nd April 1999.
Birth Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1999 A40A 4561A 024 Apr

Barry Shaun ALLAM:  Born 1959 at Oxford, Oxfordshire. 1st Married Christine Alexander in August 1983. 2nd Marriage: Tina Susan Jones 24th August 1996. [Parents]
(Generations: Lionel8, Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2 ,Richard1)

Children of Barry & Christine Allam:
Rachel Louise ALLAM
Sophie Jane ALLAM born 1988.

David John ALLAM: Born 1968 at Bicester, Oxfordshire.  Married Anna Gretchen Bignell at Banbury, Oxfordshire. [Parents
(Generations: David8, Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3,Richard2, Richard1)

Anna Gretchen BIGNELL: Born 3rd March 1970 at Banbury, Oxfordshire.  Daughter of Frederick & Sybil Bignell.

Loui James Frederick Allam born 2nd August 1998 at Banbury.
Holly Elizabeth Rose Allam born 19th May 2003 at Banbury.

Jackie ALLAM: Born 1964 at Banbury, Oxfordshire.  Married Trevor Tuckey on 23rd August 2003 at Standford on Thames. [Parents]
(Generations: David8, Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Jacob Ronnie Allam Tuckey born 9th September 1998 at Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Gary ALLAM: Born 1967 at Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Married Sarah Chorlton. [Parents]
(Generations: William8, Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Sarah CHORLTON:  Born 1970 at Beverley. Daughter of William Chorlton b1946 at Macclesfield & Susan Wiles b1946 at Beverley, Humberside.

Isabella ALLAM born 1999 at Harrogate, Yorkshire.
Alex ALLAM born 2002 at Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Cherry WOOD:  Born 1953 at Hastings, East Sussex.  MarriedJohn SWANE.


10th Generation

Michael Clifford ALLAM: Born 7th June 1985 at Battle Sussex.  Partner Jodie Donna Collins.  [Parents]
Birth Certificate: Hastings & Rother 1985 18 704 Jun
(Generations: Susan9, Raymond8, Alfred7, Frederick6,William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)

Skye Narda April Allam born 23rd August 2008.

Rachel Louise ALLAM: Born 23rd December 1985.  Married unknown. [Parents]
(Generations: Barry9, Lionel8, Edward7, Andrew6, William5,William4,Richard3, Richard2, Richard1)


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