Updated 6th December 2011
Descendants of Robert Atkinson
b1776 Abt

Generation 1
Robert ATKINSON: Born Abt 1776 Wretton, Yorkshire.  Married Margaret.

Andrew Atkinson
Robert Atkinson born 1797. Married Elizabeth Pindar (b abt 1779 at Dorrington, Lincolnshire).
John Atkinson.

Generation 2
Andrew ATKINSON: Born 1793.  Married Elizabeth Chantry. [Parents]
(Generations: Robert1)

Elizabeth CHANTRY: Born 1801 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.  Died 1864 in Louth, Lincolnshire.

Andrew Atkinson
William Atkinson born 1820 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.  Married Ann

Generation 3
Andrew ATKINSON:  Born 1826 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.  Married Charlotte Plumtree in 1846 at Louth, Lincolnshire. Died 1904 Louth, Lincolnshire. [Parents].
(Generations: Andrew2, Robert1)
Marriage Certificate: Louth, Lincs 14 956 1847 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Charlotte PLUMTREE: Born 1826 in Covingham, Lincolnshire.

Robert Atkinson
Andrew Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinson born 1848 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire. Married George Smith (b Abt 1845). Died 27 April 1934.
Eliza Atkinson born 1850 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.
Mary A Atkinson born 1852 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.
Charlotte Atkinson born 1860 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.
William Atkinson
Emma Atkinson born 1866 at Legbourne, Lincolshire.

Generation 4

Robert ATKINSON: Born 1854 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.  Married Alice Birkett in 1877 at Louth, Lincolnshire. [Parents] [1]
(Generations: Andrew3, Andrew2, Robert1)
Marriage Certificate: Louth, Lincs 7a 1267 1877 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Alice BIRKETT: Born 1855 at Louth, Lincolnshire. Daughter of George Birkett & Elizabeth Parsons.

Robert Andrew Atkinson
Edith May Newton Atkinson [2]
Elizabeth Atkinson born 1882 at Carlton, Lincolnshire.
George Atkinson born 1884 at Woodthorpe, Lincolnshire.
Alice Atkinson born 1885 at South Somercoates, Lincolnshire.[2]
Rosa Atkinson born 1887 at Andleby, Lincolnshire.
Millman Atkinson born 1888 at Andleby, Lincolnshire.
William Atkinson born Abt 1889 at Andleby, Lincolnshire.
James Atkinson born 1893 at Bradley, Lincolnshire.

[1] 1891 census records Robert Atkinson (b1854) employed as a Groom.

[2] 1901 census records both Edith & Alice employed as housemaids at Dyneley Hall, Bramhope, Yorks.

Andrew ATKINSON: Born 1858 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.  Married Ellen Fytche 1879 at Louth, Lincolnshire (Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr). [Parents]
(Generations: Andrew3, Andrew2, Robert1)

Ellen FYTCHE: Born 1858 at Louth Park, Lincolnshire. Daughter of John Fytche & Eliza.

Tom ATKINSON born 1887 at Louth Park, Lincolnshire.
Andrew ATKINSON born 1884 at Louth Park, Lincolnshire.

1901 census records Andrew ATKINSON occupation as Pig Dealer.

William ATKINSON: Born 1856 at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.  Married Sophia Emmitt 1879 at Louth.  [Parents]
(Generations: Andrew3, Andrew2, Robert1)

Sophia EMMITT: Born 1850 at Maplethorpe, Lincolnshire.

Edith Mary ATKINSON born 1885 at Hetsby, Lincolnshire.
Alice ATKINSON born 1881 at Hetsby, Lincolnshire.

Generation 5

Robert Andrew ATKINSON: Born 1878 at Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire.  Married Mary Ann Dobson in 1910 in Grimsby, Lincolshire. Died 28th April 1917 in France - Flanders. [Parents]
(Generations: Robert4, Andrew3, Andrew2, Robert1)
Birth Certificate: Louth, Lincolnshire 1878 7a 669 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Grimsby, Lincolnshire 1910 7a 1349 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Mary Ann DOBSON: Born 13th April 1883 in Swallow, Lincolnshire.  Daughter of George William Dobson & Sophia Ellen Trafford.  Died 12th April 1977 in Grimsby, Lincolshire.

George Robert Atkinson

Pte Robert Andrew Atkinson (Reg No 27517) fought in WWI with the Lincolnshire Regiment, 8th Battalion
and died in France 1917 from wounds.

Edith May Newton ATKINSON: Born 1880 at Meddlethorpe, Lincolnshire.  Married Benjamin Atkin 20th June 1909 in Oundle - Independ West St.  Died 1918 of Spanish Influenza. [Parents]
(Generations: Robert4, Andrew3, Andrew2, Robert1)

Benjamin ATKIN son of George Atkin & Jane Chapman. (Main Branch Link).

It is known that Edith May Newton was born on a farm called 'The Straight' near the village of Meddlethorpe.
1901 census records Edith employed as a General Domestic

Generation 6

George Robert ATKINSON: Born 1914 in Lincolnshire. Married Rose Middleton on 25th August 1938 at Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Died 12th May 2001 at Durham, England. [Parents]
(Generations: Robert5, Robert4, Andrew3, Andrew2, Robert1)

Rose MIDDLETON: Born 30th October 1916 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.  Died 12th December 1997 at Durham, England.

Robert Andrew Atkinson born 13th January 1947 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.  Died 24th February 1947 at Grimsby.
Living Atkinson