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Descendants of James Boseley

1st Generation
James BOSELEY: Born 1788 in Stockbury, Kent. England.  Married Sarah. [1]

Sarah: Born 1795 in Linton, Kent, England.

James BOSELEY born c1817 in Stockbury, Kent.  Married Fanny Foster (b1810 at Bearstead, Kent).[2]
Newman BOSELEY born 1824 in Stockbury, Kent.Married Charlotte Feakins September 1851.
Charlotte BOSELEY born 1831 in Stockbury, Kent.
Elizabeth BOSELEY

[1] 1851 census record James Boseley b1788 employed as Ag Baliff with live in servant
Charles Chambers (b1833 at Hadlow, Kent.

[2] James Boseley b1817 is recorded in census from 1851 thro to 1891.
Occupation recorded as Grocer in Bearstead Street, Bearstead and in 1891
employed a servant: Ellen Palmer (b1871 at Bearstead, Kent).

2nd Generation
William BOSELEY: Born 1820 in Stockbury, Kent, England.  Married Angelina Simmons in 1845 at Hollingbourne, Kent. Died 7 April 1865 at Old Mill Cott, Leeds, Kent. [Parents]
(James 1)
Angelina SIMMONS:  Born 1824 in Hollingborne, Kent, England.  Daughter of Thomas & Mary Simmons. Widowed.  Remarried unknown in 1868.  Died March 1886.

Angelina BOSELEY born 1846 in Hollingborne, Kent, England.
William BOSELEY born 1847 in Hollingborne, Kent, England. Died 1870 in Kent.

 Death Certificate: Hillingbourn, Kent 1870 2a 391 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Alfred BOSELEY born 1858 in Leeds, Kent, England. Died 22nd June 1917 in Queenland, Australia. [1]
 Birth Certificate: Hillingbourn, Kent 1858 2a 433 Apr-May-Jun Qtr
 Death Certificate: Queensland, Australia B 025484 Page 185
George Ernest BOSELEY
Charles Alfred BOSELEY born 1861 in Thornham, Kent. [2/3]
Thomas BOSELEY born 1864 at Hollingbourne, Kent.

 [1] Alfred Boseley emigrated to Australia, Queenland in 1884 on the SS Duke of Westminster out of London, England and arrived Brisbane, Australia 8 Dec 1884

 [2] 1871 census records Charles at inmate at special school in Hollingbourne aged 9.

[3] Charles Alfred Boseley departed Liverpool on Empress of Irleand and arrive Quebec, Canada 14th August 1914 - Source: Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 Roll No: T-4802

Elizabeth BOSELEY: Born 1833 at Leeds, Kent.  Married John Attwood in 1878 at Hollingbourne, Kent. [Parents]

John ATTWOOD: Born 1851 at Stockbury, Kent.

Robert Attwood born 1887 at Bicknor, Kent.

Harriet BOSELEY: Born 1835 in Kent.  Married George Knell December 1858 in Maidstone, Kent.  Died December 1896 in Maidstone, Kent. [Parents].
(James 1)
Marriage Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1858 2a; Page 755 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Death Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1896 2a 449 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
George KNELL: Born 1834 in Sutton Valence, Kent. Son of James Knell & Elizabeth Bolton.


Harriet E KNELL born 1860 in Otham, Kent.
Charlotte Boseley KNELL born December 1863 in Thornham, Kent.
Frank KNELL born March 1866 in Thornham, Kent.
George KNELL born March 1869 in Thornham, Kent.  Died December 1943 at Hendon, London.
Hugh KNELL born June 1871 in Thornham, Kent.  Died March 1897 in Maidstone, Kent.

Thomas BOSELEY: Born 1819 at Stockbury, Kent.  Baptism: 30th May 1819.  Married Jane Cook on 10th December in Tunstall, Kent. [Parents]
(James 1)
Marriage Certificate: Milton, Kent 5 621 1851 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Jane COOK: Born 1823 at Tunstall, Kent.  Daughter of Jesse Cook & Elizabeth Coppen.

Mary Ann BOSELEY born 1854 at Bredgar, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 2a 359 1854 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Jane BOSELEY born 1857 at Otham, Kent.
Elizabeth BOSELEY
Thomas BOSELEY born 1864 at Stockbury, Kent.

Alfred BOSELEY: Born c1837 at Leeds, Kent.  Married Caroline Taylor 1869 at Milton, Kent. [Parents]
(James 1)
Marriage Certificate: Milton, Kent 2a 1111 1869 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Caroline TAYLOR: Born 1850 at Bredgar, Kent.

Minnie BOSELEY born 1870 at Tunstall, Kent.

[1] 1881 census records Alfred Boseley occupation as Police Constable at Bredgar, Kent.
[2] 1891 census records Julie Payne (b1833 at Doddington, Kent) employed as Housekeeper/Servant.

3rd Generation

Lewis BOSELEY: Born 1849 in Otham, Kent, England.   Married Alice Eliza Keel (b1853) in 1876 at Milton, Kent. Died 1891 at Milton, Kent. [Parents]
(William 2, James 1)
Marriage Certificate: Milton, Kent 2a 1217 1876 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Death Certificate: Milton, Kent 2a 581 1891 Apr/May/June Qtr

Annie BOSELEY born 1877

Newman BOSELEY: Born 1850 in Otham, Kent, England. Married Emma Jane Douglas 14th August 1873 at Faversham, Kent. [Parents] [1]
(William 2, James 1)

Emma Jane DOUGLAS: Born 1853 in Faversham, Kent. England. Daughter of George Douglas & Mary Ruck.

Charles Frederick BOSELEY born 1880 in Faversham, Kent.Married Alice Holmes 1919 at Faversham, Kent, England.
Florence M BOSELEY born 1877 in Faversham, Kent.
Newman George BOSELEY

Lillie BOSELEY born 7th October 1871 in Faversham, Kent. Married Thomas James Spinks.  Died 1975.
[1] 1881 census records family living at 3 & 4 North Lane, Ospringe, Kent.
Occupation of father recorded as Hair Dresser

Elizabeth BOSELEY: Born 1858 at Bredgar, Kent.  Married Robert Hales 6th August 1878 at Hollingbourne, Kent. [Parents]
(Thomas2, James 1)
Marriage Certificate: Hollingbourne, Kent 2a 975 1878 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Robert HALES: Born 1858 at Stockbury, Kent.  Son of William & Mary Hales.[Remote Branch Link - Hales Family]
Birth Certificate: Hollingbourne, Kent 2a 439 1858 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Louis HALES: Born 1881 at Stockbury, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Hollingbourne, Kent 2a 730 1881 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Freddy HALES: Born 1883 at Stockbury, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Hollingbourn, Kent 2a 762 1883 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Arthur HALES: Born 1885 at Stockbury, Kent.
Esther HALES: Born 1887 at Stockbury, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Hollingbourne, Kent 2a 755 1887 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Elizabeth HALES: Born 1889 at Stockbury, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Hollingbourne, Kent 2a 753 1889 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Alfred HALES: Born 1879 at Stockbury, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Hollingbourne, Kent 2a 688 1878 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

1901 census records Robert Hales occupation as Farmer with Freddy employed as Milkman (Cattle) & Louis employed as Woodsman.
Family residing at: 2 Vale Cottages, Stockbury, Kent.
Also living with family is Stanley Boseley b1900 (Nephew)

Frank BOSELEY: Born 1867 at Stockbury, Kent.  Married Eliza Baker. [Parents] [1]
(Thomas2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Hollingbourne, Kent 2a 573 1867 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Pancras, London 1b 111 1893 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Eliza BAKER: Born 1869 at Old Buckenham, Norfolk, England.

John BOSELEY born 1896 at Kentish Town, East London.
William BOSELEY born 1899 at Kentish Town, East London
Dorris BOSELEY born 1900 at Kentish Town, East London.

[1] 1901 census records Frank Boseley employed as Railway Engine Driver in London

George Ernest BOSELEY: Born 1865 in Leeds, Kent, England.  Married Maria Sophia THORNHILL.  Died 1913 of Pneumonia. [Parents]
(William 2, James 1)

Maria Sophia THORNHILL: Born 1875 in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, England. Her parents known to have ran a public house - 'The Palmers Alms' and also a coal merchant business. On death of George, remarried James SCRASE.  Died in February 1960 and buried with husband James Scrase at St Andrews Churchyard, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. [Goto Photo] - [Parents] (Sub-Branch Link)

Children of George & Maria:
Alfred BOSELEY born in Mar 1897 and only lived till the September of that year.
Birth Certificate: Eton, Buckinghamshire 3a 717 3/1897
Death Certificate:Eton, Buckinghamshire 3a 434 9/1897
Elizabeth Douglas BOSELEY
Ernest George BOSELEY
Maggie Douglas BOSELEY

James SCRASE: Born 1869 in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England.  Died February 1945. [Parents] (Sub-Branch Link)
Marriage Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 2b 389 1917 Jan/Feb Mar Qtr

Children James & Maria:

4th Generation

Newman George BOSELEY: Born 1873 at Faversham, Kent.  Married Olive Mary Bean. [Parents]
(Newman3, William 2, James 1)
Marriage Certificate: Faversham, Kent 2a 1193 Jan/Feb/Mar/1898

Newman George BOSELEY

Ernest George BOSELEY: Born 5th January 1891 at Caterham, Surrey, England. [Parents] [1]
(George E3, William2, James1)
Birth Certificate: Godstone, Surrey 2a 189 1891 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
[1] Joined the British Army but deserted and shipped to Hong Kong where he encountered unknown  troubles.  He then sailed to Seattle USA  with the Merchant Navy (presumably).  He spent some time in North Yukon then came south to Vancouver where he joined the Canadian Forces in 1914  (See image).  He went to France.  How long he served is unknown but was known to have been gassed.  He is thought to have died around 1952 at the age of 60.

Lilian Boseley: aka Dulice & Dear. Born 1895 in Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.   Married George FOX (Sub Branch Link) 1921 in Brighton Sussex.  Parted from George FOX in late 1927 due to abuse - marriage annulled.  Remarried to Clement Maxwell. in 1929.  Died 1986 in Greenwich, SE London, England. Buried at Charlton Cemertry, SE London. [Parents]
(George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Uxbridge, Middx 3a 39 1895 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Marriage Record to George Fox: Brighton 1821 Jul/Aug/Set Qtr Vol 2b Page 548
Death Certificate: Greenwich, London 12 1081 1986 September
Peggy BOSELEY (father unknown) (Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)
Haidee FOX  (Main Branch Link)

Clement Maxwell: Born 10 January 1894 in London, England. Died in 1946 at Wiversfield, West Sussex railway station under strange circumstances. Buried at West Street Cemertry, Burgess Hill, Sussex. [Parents - see Note [1] below]

[1] Believed to be illegitimate - son of McNeash & Jenny (Secretary).
McNeash believed to be a Kings Councillor at Lincolns Inn, London. Clement was reared in Reading by a hired nurse (Annie Robinson and her husband John Robinson) and attended Edinburgh University and later Oxford University. He was a qualified dentist and owned a practice at 47 Grand Parade, Brighton. Possible Naval intelligence work during 2nd World War (Substantual War Office (Admiralty) cheque received some time after the war, without explanation)

Judith Rosemary MAXWELL

Maggie Douglas BOSELEY: (aka Margo) Born June 1898 in Iver, Buckinghamshire.     Married [1] Alban SWABEY 31st July 1920 in Edmonton, London. Divorced.  Married [2] George Edward SHERMER. Died 18th May 1987 in Wandsworth, London.
(George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Eton, Buckinghamshire 3a 706 1898 Apr/May Jun Qtr
Alban Vincent Willoughby SWABEY: Born 1894 in Septon Park, Essex.  Son of George Arthur Swabey & Alice Mary Willoughby.  Died 1976. [Sub Branch Link - Swabey Family]

Godfrey Vivian SWABEY (aka Gar) born 14th May 1923.  Died March 2008.

George Edward Shearmur: Born 9th December 1894 in Stepney, London.  Son of George Edward Shearmur & Anne Crooks.  Died 29th July 1970 in Fulham, London. [Sub Branch Link - Shearmur Family]
Birth Certificate: Stepney, London  1895 1c 407 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Flying Certificate: 14 Jul 1939: Great Britain, Royal Aero Club Aviatorsí Certificate - Gipsy Avro Major 130
Death Certificate: Fulham, London 1970 5b 612


Elizabeth Douglas BOSELEY: Born 1900 in Iver, Buckinghamshire.  Married Frederick Smith 1922 at Swaffham, Norfolk.  Died 4th April 1944. [Parents]
(George E3,William 2, James 1)
Marriage Certificate: Swaffham, Norfolk 4b 881 Apr/May/Jun 1922

Frederick SMITH: Born 1897.  Died 1987.

Norma Gladys Smith
Molly Evelyn Smith born 12th December 1924.
Jessie Smith born 22nd September 1931 at Swangey, Norfolk.  Married Douglas Allen.

William Henry BOSELEY: Born 1901. Married Ester Doris FURBER. Thought to have joined British Army - Grenadier Guards and while serving won a Lonsdale Belt for boxing. Emigrated to Canada where he died in 1992, Langley, BC, Canada.
(George E3,William 2, James 1)

Marriage Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 1928 2b 447 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Ester Doris FURBER: Born 1904. Died 1986 in Langley, BC, Canada.

George BOSELEY: Born 2nd December 1906 in Ditching, Sussex, England.  Married [1] Lucy Elizabeth Fisher 1925 at Brighton, Sussex..  Divorced.  Remarried [2] Lucy Hillman 1961 at Wandsworth, Surrey.   Known to have owned at Timber Business at Faygate nr Horsham in West Sussex.  Died in 2002 at Faygate, Horsham, Sussex. [Parents]
(George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 1907 2b 148 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Death Certificate: Horsham, Sussex 2002 49c 7831 269 Oct

Lucy Fisher: Born abt 1905. It is not known what became of Lucy and the two children following the divorce.
Marriage Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 664 1925 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Children by Lucy Elizabeth Fisher:
Maxwell BOSELEY born 1926 Brighton, Sussex.  Married Ellen P Bambury in 1955 at Brighton, Sussex.  Remarried 1981 to Marianne H Thorward at Hove, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 2b 213 1926 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate: (Ellen Bambury) Brighton, Sussex 1955 5h 119 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Marriage Certificate: (Marianne Thorward) Hove, Sussex 1981 18 0637 Apr-May-Jun Qtr
William BOSELEY (aka Billy) born 1928 Lewes, Sussex. Married Joyce M Jupp 1950 in Horsham, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 2b 220 1928 Jun/Jul/Aug Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Horsham, Sussex 1950 5h 1142 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Lucy HILLMAN: Born 9th December 1910 at Horsham, Sussex. Died October 1993 at Horsham, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Horsham, Sussex 1910 2b 21 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Wandsworth, Surrey 1961 5h 1959 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Children by Lucy Hillman:
Valentine BOSELEY born 1936 in Horsham, Sussex.  Died 1956 at Faygate, Horsham, Sussex. - known to have been killed in road traffic accident.
Birth Certificate:Horsham, Sussex 1936 2b 432 Apr May Jun Qtr
Deth Certificate: Horsham, Sussex 5h 557

Edward J BOSELEY: Born 1912 in Sussex.  Married [1]Margaret TIDY in 1938.  Widowed.  Married [2] Sonia Trudgett in 1947. [Parents]
(George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 2b 282 1912
Marriage Certificate: [1] Cuckfield, Sussex 1938 2b 445 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: [2] Chichester, Sussex 1947 5h 1185 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Children by Margaret Tidy:

Children by Sonia Trudgett:

Gladys Molly SCRACE: Born unknown.  Married David LEOPARD March 1951 at Cuckfield, Sussex. [Parents]
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 2b 207 1917 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
David LEOPARD: Born 2nd March 1910 in Brighton, Sussex.  Died 2001 in Butleigh, Somerset.
Berth Certificate: Brighton Mar Qtr Vol 2b Page 206
Death Certificate: Taunton B81 B2
[Sub Branch Link - Leppard Family]

5th Generation
Newman George BOSELEY: Born 22nd July 1898 at Faversham, Kent.  Married Daisy I Marsh in 1924 at Faversham, Kent. Died 1988 at Canterbury, Kent. [Parents]
(Newman4, Newman3, William 2, James 1)
Mariage Certificate: Faversham, Kent 2a 2281 Apr/May/Jun 1924

John Newman BOSELEY born 29th March 1924.  Died 2002 at Hastings, Sussex.
Death Certificate: Hasting & Rother c75a 180 4/2002

Margaret (Peggy) BOSELEY: MarriedEddie CHURCHER. [Parents]
(Lillian4, George E3,William 2, James 1)


Judith Rosemay MAXWELL: aka Jay.  Born 28 July 1931 in Beddington, Croyden, SE London, England. Christening: Croydon Parish Church.  Occupation: Actress and Dancer.  Married Mario GOMEZ-CARRILLO in 1954. Annulled.  Remarried Heinz BARTSCH in 1964 in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.  Died in 1970's. [Parents][1]
(Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)
Judith Rosemary Maxwell experienced an eventful yet sad life, in many ways.  At the age of 20 became an actress & dancer, appearing in some minor roles on the cabaret scene in London.  Moving to Paris in the early 50's, she danced with the famous Follies Bergere company [goto photo] before moving to South America - Argentina where she met and married a Mario Gomez-Carrillo, a concert pianist  in 1954.  Returning to England, she had a daughter - Dolores in May 1955.    At the outbreak of the revolution in Argentina in 1955, Mario was recalled back to his country by the Peron Government and was never heard of again.  It is thought that he became one of the many thousands of people that just disappeared during this period and was probably killed by the military junta.
In 1956 she discovered she had TB and spent the next two years in a convalescent home at Preston Park, Brighton, recovering.  1960 saw her return to the cabaret scene, travelling to Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Libya and Egypt performing in a variety of shows as a showgirl.   While in Egypt, she met a Hans Bartsch whom she married in 1963 and they had a son - Timothy in 1964.  Returning to England in the late sixties, she spent the next couple of years living in Suffolk before tragically taking her own life in 1973.

Mario GOMEZ-CARRILLO: Born in ArgentinaNo other data available at this time.


Heinz BARTSCH: Known to be a German national who Jay met in Egypt.  No other data available at this time.
Marriage Certificate: Cuckfield, Sussex 5h 294 Apr/May/Jun Qtr


Mary-Ann SHEARMUR: Born 7th September 1933 in Barnes, London.  Married [1] James JONES 15th September 1956 in Burgess Hill, Sussex.  Witnesses: Dennis James Waller & William Henry Boseley. Married [2] Peter FINLEY 5th April 1991 at Richmond Upon Thames, London. [Parents]
(Margie 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)
James Graham Jones: Born 9th August 1929 in Fulham, London. Son of Cecil Graham Jones.  Died 23rd May 2004 in Surrey.
Marriage Certificate: Cuckfield - Sep Qtr Vol 5h Page 321

Children of Mary-Ann & James Graham Jones:
Jane Elizabeth JONES

Peter William Ralph FINLEY: Born abt 1937.  Died 10th October 2010 at Barnes. London.
Marriage Certificate: Richmond Upon Thames 1991 14 1169 Apr

Daniel BOSELEY: Born 1931. Married Shirley A Gregory 1956.  Emigrated to Canada in 1957. [Parents]
(William 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Cuckfield, Sussex 1931 2b 217 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Record: Cuckfield, Sussex 1956 5h 320 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Lorraine BOSELEY
Danielle Shirley BOSELEY
Gregory William BOSELEY

Peter BOSELEY: Born 4 August 1929 at Pots Farm, Surrey, England.  Married Daphine BARNS. [Parents]
(William 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Steyning, Sussex 1929 2b 380 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr


Norma Gladys SMITH: Born 5th May 1923 at Southburgh, Norfolk.  Married Deryck Geoffrey Self. in November 1952 at Mile Cross Lane Baptist Chapel, Norwich. [Parents]
(Elizabeth4, George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Swaffham 4b 534 1923 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Deryck Geoffrey SELF: Born 19th January 1929. Died 1988 at Hellsdon, Norwich.

Elsie Elizabeth Self

6th Generation

Dolores GOMEZ-CARRILLO: Born 28 May 1958 in Cuckfield, Sussex, England.  Married Paul CUNNIFFE 22nd August 1977.  Divorced.  [Parents]
(Juith5, Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Cuckfield, Sussex 1955 5h 153 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Manchester 1977 38 1102 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Liam Maxwell CUNNIFFE born 21 September 1982.
Birth Certificate: Stockport, Lancs 1982 39 1421 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Timothy BARTSCH: Born 24 Janury 1964. Married Lara Stretch 1989. Divorced. [Parents]
(Juith5, Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)
Birth Certificate: Cuckfield, Sussex 1965 5h 230 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Greenwich, London 1989 12 464 Jan

Alex Daniel BARTSCH born 16 December 1989 at Plumstead, London.
Birth Certificate: Greenwich, Greater London 12 1261 Jan
Luke James BARTSCH born 1993 in Chatham, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Chatham, Kent 1993 C39A 5611C 252 Mar

Lorraine BOSELEY: Born 1957 Cuckfield, East Sussex, England.  Married William PECK. [Parents]
(Dan5, Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)

Tyler PECK born April 1984
Natasha PECK born February 1987

Wayne BOSELEY: Born 1958 in New Westminister, BC, Canada.  Married. [Parents]
(Dan5, Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)

Graham BOSELEY born August 1982
Jennifer BOSELEY born August 1983

Jane Elizabeth Jones: Born 1963.  Married Stephen Luxford 2000 in Richmond upon Thames, London.[Parents]
(Mary Ann5, Maggie 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)

Phoebe Elizabeth Luxford born 2003.

Danielle Shirley BOSELEY: Born 1965 Surrey, BC, Canada.  Married. [Parents]
(Dan5, Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)

Brittany BOSELEY born 19 June 1996
Breanna BOSELEY born 30 December 1997

Gregory William BOSELEY: Married Carla.Born 1967 in Surrey, BC, Canada.  Married. [Parents]
(Dan5, Lilian 4,George E3,William 2, James 1)

Larissa BOSELEY born 5 November 1993
Mitchell BOSELEY born 15 August 1997
Grace Jesse BOSELEY born December 2005

Elsie Elizabeth SELF: Born 8th July 1954 in Hethersett, Norfolk. Married Michael John Dugdale on 4th September 1976 at Heartsease Lane Methodist Church, Norwich. [Parents]
(Norma5, Elizabeth4, George E3,William 2, James 1)

Michael John DUGDALE: Born 25th August 1951.

Alan Deryck Dugdale
Ian Charles Dugdale born 17th October 1979.

Paul Boseley: Born 1955 in Sussex, England.  Married Margaret Beaton. [Parents]

Natasha Boseley born 1976 in Plymouth, Devon.

Natasha Boseley kindly left a message in our guest book but omitted to provide a return contact address.
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7th Generation

Alan Deryck DUGDALE: Born 12th November 1977.  Partner Emma Batson. [Parents]
(Elsie6, Norma5, Elizabeth4, George E3,William 2, James 1)

Charles Dugdale born 30th September 1996
Harry Ian Dugdale born 10th October 2001.