Descendants of Alfred Fox
born 1835

Updated: 9th October 2010

Generation 1
Alfred FOX:  Born 1835 in Much Dewchurch, Hertfordshire, England.  Married Harriett Cuthbert 1866 in Brighton, Sussex.
Marriage Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 297 1866 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Harriett Cuthbert: born 1837 in Finchley, Middlesex, England.

Alfred Thomas FOX
Clara FOX born 1873 at Brighton, Sussex. Christening: 11th May 1873 at Brighton.
Birth Certificate: Brighton 2b 199 1873 Apr.May/Jun Qtr
George William FOX

Alfred Fox, as was his wife were known to be deaf and dumb from birth - as taken from the 1871 England census.
Alfred was a master tailor, running a family tailoring & dressmaking business in Brighton and employed
Margaret Hipin (foundling child) as a dressmaker.
1891 census records a William Liveringstone (b1870 - Brighton) living with family employed as Assistant Tailor.

Generation 2

Alfred Thomas FOX: Born in 1869 at Brighton, Sussex, England.  Christened: 26th July 1868 at Brighton. Married Rose Emily Meadhurst in 1866 in Brighton, Sussex. [Parents]
Generations: Alfred1
Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 233 1868 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 405 1886 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Rose Emily Meadhurst: Born 1867 in Canterbury, St Stephens, Kent, England.

Harriett FOX born 1888 in Brighton, Sussex.
Clara FOX born 1891 in Brighton, Sussex.
Annie FOX born 1893 in Brighton, Sussex.
George Thomas FOX
Gertrude FOX born 1898 in Brighton, Sussex.
Robert FOX born 1900 in Brighton, Sussex.

Alfred Fox carried on the family business of tailoring - as taken from the 1901 England census (Ref RG13/926)
while residing at 6 Buke Street, Brighton, Sussex.

George William FOX: Born 1878 at Brighton, Sussex.  Christened: 18th August 1878 at Brighton.  Married Annie Stringer 1899 at Brighton. [Parents]
Generations: Alfred1
Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 224 1878 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 279 1899 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Annie STRINGER: Born 1869 at Brighton, Sussex.

Cecil Norman FOX born 1900 at Brighton, Sussex.

1901 census records George William Fox employed as Mariners Stores Carter and residing at
10 Chapel Street, Brighton.

Generation 3

George Thomas FOX: Born 6th December 1895 in Brighton, Sussex, England.  Married Lilian Boseley 1921 but marriage annulled in 1927.  Was known to carry on the family business as tailor in Brighton. Died 1974 in Brighton, Sussex  [Parents]
Generations: Alfred2, Alfred1
Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 1896 2b 195 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 1921 2b 648 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Death Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 1974 18 0487

Haidee FOX  (Main Branch Link)
Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 308 1922 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Anthony Thomas FOX born 1926 - Brighton, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Brighton 1926 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr Vol 2b Page 259


It is not known what became of Anthony Fox for when the marriage was annulled, Anthony went with his father while Haidee Fox stayed with her mother.

For continuance of this line, see AtkinBoseley