Updated 3rd October 2010

Descendants of Alfred Gladman

1st Generation
Alfred GLADMAN: Born 1872 in Camberwell, London.  Married 25th February 1891 - Clara Graves  in St Saviour, Southwick, Surrey. Died September 1910 in Peckham, Surrey.

Clara GRAVES: Born June 1874 in Peckham, London.  Daughter of Francis (b1841) & Anne Graves (b1843).  Brother & Sister: Francis & Frances Graves.

William Gladman
Alfred Gladman born September 1891 in Camberwell, Surrey. Married Florence M Gregory on 25th December 1914 in St Olave, Southwick - St Crispin's Church.  Deid 1962 in Eton, Buckinghamshire.
Edward George Gladman born March 1894 in Camberwell, Surrey. Died September 1913 in Camberwell, Surrey.

Alfred Gladman b1872 recorded in 1901 census as house painter.
Alfred Gladman b1891 joined British Army (Royal Garrion Artillery) and is recorded in 1914 as a Sergeant

2nd Generation

William GLADMAN: BornJune 1898 in Camberwell, Surrey.  Married Edith Lynn. (Main Branch Link) Emigrated to Canada. Died 2nd December 1970 in Duncan, Canada. [Parents]
Birth Certificate: Camberwell 1898 1d 893 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Greenwich, Kent 1921 1d 2013 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Death Certificate: Chemainus 1970 Reg No 1970-09-017329 bca: B13307 gsu: 2034215

Edith LYNN: Born 1898.  Daughter of William Lynn & Letitia Cotterill.

Donald Gladman
Joyce Gladman
Derek Gladman
Roy Gladman

3rd Generation

Donald GLADMAN: Born 24th September 1923.  Married Eva [Parents]

Dorthy Gladman
Dale Gladman
Dennis Gladman
Duncan Gladman

Joyce GLADMAN:  Born 31st October 1925.  Married Samual Rafter. [Goto Photo] Divorced:  Married Robert Guilbride. Died 2003 [Parents].

Children 1st marriage:
Peter John Rafter born 2nd November 1940 in Duncan, Canada.

Robert GUILBRIDE: Born 15th October 1924 in Chemanis, Canada.

Children 2nd marriage:
Lyne Guilbride

Derek GLADMAN: Born 17th May 1930 in London.  Married Betty Mitchell 9th May 1959 in Duncan, BC, Canada.  Died 7th July 1992 in Canada. [Parents]

Betty MITCHELL: Born 24th January 1931 in Canada. Daughter of  Thomas Mitchell & Maud Alice Blandford.  Died 4th September 2000 in Canada.

Gaye Gladman
Glenn Gladman
Gary Gladman
Derek Gladman born 7th April 1970.

Roy GLADMAN: Born 13th November 1939 in Kent, England.  Married (1) Nancy Elizabeth McPeherson. Divorced. Married (2) Joan Duggan 1972 in Duncan, BC, Canada. Married (3) Lydia. Died 28th February 2004 - Duncan, BC, Canada. [Parents]

Nancy Elizabeth McPEHERSON: Born 27th March 1944 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Children Roy Gladman & Nancy McPeherson:
Steven Paul Gladman born 30th April 1963 in Chemanis, BC, Canada.
Sue-Lynn Gladman
Scott Leonard Gladman born 19th February 1972 in Victoria, BC, Canada. Son of Scott: Nathen Leonard Gladman-Zboyski born 28th June 2006 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Joan DUGGAN: Born 1953 in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Children Roy Gladman & Joan Duggan:
Kaylee Dawn Gladman born 19th August 1975 in Grand Forks, BC, Canada.  Married George Geurts 2004.

4th Generation

Lyne GUILBRIDE: Born 24th July 1950 in Duncan, BC, Canada.  Married (1) Archibald Stewart 3rd June 1972 in Victoria, BC, Canada. Divorced.  Married (2) Leo Moreau 19th August 2000 in Chemanis, BC, Canada. [Parents]

Archibald STEWART:  Born 1950 in Scotland.

Children Lyne Guilbride & Archibald Stewart:
Mark Stewart born 3rd December 1972 in Victoria, BC, Canada. Married Amber Grant. Daughter: Mia Joyce Stewart.Divorced.
Micheal Stewart born 24th May 1974 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Leo MOREAU: Born 12th April 1949 in Winnipeg, Canada.

Children of Leo Moreau first marriage:
Andy Moreau
Kristina Moreau
Laura Moreau. Daugher of Laura: Taylor Patsy Moreau.

Gaye GLADMAN: Born 5th February 1960 in Chemanis, BC, Canada. Married Rodney White 23rd January 1981 in Mount Forest, ON, Canada. [Parents]

Jennifer White born 9th April 1981 in Mount Forest, ON, Canada.
Janet White born 17 July 1982 in Mount Forest, ON, Canada.
Tyler White born 20 June 1984 in Mount Forest, ON, Canada.

Glenn GLADMAN: Born 10th April 1961 in Chemanis, BC, Canada.  Married Margaret.  [Parents]

Daniel Gladman.

Gary GLADMAN: Born 8th December 1964 in Chemanis, BC, Canada.  Married/Divorced.  [Parents].

Ashlynn Gladman
Tanner Gladman
Brandon Gladman

Sue-Lynn GLADMAN: Born 3rd June 1965 in Duncan, BC, Canada.  Married Edward Gerald Wall 24th June 1989 [Parents]

Shawn Douglas Wall born 6th May 1990 in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Elisha Anne Wall born 30th September 1994 in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.