Descendants of Michael Ingarfield
Born c1775
Updated 11th October 2010

1st Generation

Michael Ingarfield: Born c1775 at Marylebone, London.  Married Mary (b c1775) on 18th August 1807 at Westminister, London.

Michael Ingarfield
Edward Ingarfield born 1798 in St Marylebone, London.
John Ingarfield
David Ingarfield
Sarah Ingarfield born 27th May 1804 in St Marylebone, London
Naomi Ingarfield born c1806
Sophia Ingarfield born 26th August 1807
William Ingarfield born 4th October 1809 in Middlesex, London.

2nd Generation

John Ingarfield: Born 9th June 1800.  Married Sarah Snelling (b1806).  Died 1869. [Parents]

John Ingarfield
Edward Ingarfield
Sarah Ingarfield born 1831 in Middlesex, London.
William Fielder Ingarfield
Mary Jane Ingarfield born 1833 in Middlesex, London.
Hannah Maria Ingarfield
Maria Ingarfield born 1840 in Brighton, Sussex.
Elizabeth Ingarfield
James Ingarfield

1851 census records John Ingarfield's (b1800) occupation as Journeyman Fishmonger in Brighton.

David Ingarfield: Born 28th March 1802 in London.  Married Jane (b1821 in St Marylebone, London). [Parents]

William Ingarfield born 1840 in St Marylebone, London.
Mary Ingarfield born 1843 in St Marylebone, London.
David Ingarfield born 1844 in St Marylebone, London.
Jane Ingarfield born 1847 in St Marylebone, London.
Robert Ingarfield

1851 census records David Ingarfield's (b1802) occupation as Greengrocer.

Michael Ingarfield:  Born 4th November 1793 in Middlesex, London.  Married Martha Holmes (b c1793 in Middlesex). [Parents]
Marriage Record: Middlesex Vol 1a Page 801 - Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Edward Ingarfield born 1826 in Middlesex, London
Martha Ingarfield born 1825 in Middlesex, London.
Sarah Ingarfield born 1827 in Middlesex, London.
Emma Ingarfield born 1831
Edwin Ingarfield born 1831

1841 census records Michael Ingarfield's occupation as Fishmonger.
The family are residing at Turnagain Lane in the parish of St Sepulclre without Newgate.

3rd Generation

John Snelling Ingarfield: Born 1822 Petersham, Surrey.  Married Charlotte Merry 1843 in Brighton, Sussex. [Parents]
Marriage Record: Brighton Vol 7 Page 370 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
(John2, Michael1)

Charlotte Merry: Born 1817 in Isleworth, Middlesex.

Alice Caroline Ingarfield
Elizabeth Ingarfield born 1847 in Brighton, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 7 282 1847 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
John Ingarfield

1891 cenus records Charlotte (nee Merry) Ingarfield now a widower residing in the St Peter's Workhouse at Brighton with the trade of needleworker.

Edward Ingarfield: Born c1828 in St Marylebone, London.  Married [1] Elizabeth Scrase 1854 in Lewes, Sussex.  Married [2] Sarah (b1830).  Married [3]Frances Jupp December 1872 at Marylebone, London.  [Parents]
(John2, Michael1)

Elizabeth Scrase: Born 1834 daughter of Thomas Scrase. [Branch Link] - Scrase Family

Frances Jupp: Born 1843 at West Grinstead, Sussex.

[1] Children of Edward Ingarfield & Elizabeth Scrase:
Frederick William Ingarfield
Edward Ingarfield
Sarah Elizabeth Ingarfield born 1861 in Marylebone, London.

[2] Children of Edward Ingarfield & Sarah:
Alice Mary Ingarfield born 1865 in Marylebone, London.
William B Ingarfield born 1866 in Middlesex, London.

[3] Children of Edward Ingarfield & Frances Jupp:
James Henry Ingarfield
Frances Mary Ingarfield born 1875 in Middlesex, London.
George Edward Ingarfield

1861 census records Edward Ingarfield's (b1826) occupation as Fishmonger.

William Fielder Ingarfield: Born 13th January 1825 in Bloomsbury, London.  Married Maria May Jeffrey on 24th October 1854 at Westminster, London. Died 1887. [Parents]
(John2, Michael1)

Maria May Jeffrey: Born 1828 in London.

William Fields Ingarfield
John Ingarfield born 1860 in Westminster, London.
Maud Ingarfield born 1862 in Walworth, London.
Amy Ingarfield born 1864 in Walworth, London
Rosina (Minnie) Ingarfield.
Henry Ingarfield born 1871 in Walworth, London.
Winnifred Ingarfield born 1875 in Walworth, London.

1901 census records Henry Ingarfield in military service - 5th Dragoon Guards stationed at Aldershot.

Hannah Maria Ingarfield: Born 1839 in Brighton, Sussex.  Married Horace Herriott 24th July 1873 at St Nicolas Church, Brighton. Died 27th April 1891. [Parents]
(John2, Michael1)

Horace Herriott: Born 14th April 1849 at Brighton.  Died 13th April 1891.  Son of Horace Herriott & Ann Maiben.

Horace Herriott born 1875 at Brighton, Sussex.
Rose Herriott born 1876 at Brighton, Sussex.

1881 census records that Horace Herriott was licenced victular - running the
Kings Head public house at 9 West Street, Brighton.

Elizabeth Ingarfield: Born 1835 at Paddington, London.  Married Frederick Scrase Abt 1880 [Parents]                          [Branch Link] - Scrase Family
(John2, Michael1)

Frederick Scrase: Born 1832 in Chailey, Sussex. Son of Thomas Scrase & Harriett Holford.  Died 1901 in Lewes, Sussex.

Arthur Scrase born 1885 in Ditchling, Sussex.
Bertis Scrase born 1882 in Ditchling, Sussex.
Edith Scrase born 1883 in Ditchling, Sussex.
Frank Scrase born 1885.

1871 census records that Frederick Scrase running the White Horse Inn, Ditchling.

James Ingarfield: Born 1837.  Married Caroline (b1837 in London). [Parents]
(John2, Michael1)

Helen Ingarfield born 1862 in Brighton, Sussex.
Caroline Ingarfield born 1868 in Brighton, Sussex.
Ada Ingarfield born 1871 in Hackney, London.
Alfred Ingarfield born 1859 in Brighton, Sussex.
George Ingarfield born 1863 in Brighton, Sussex.

Robert Ingarfield: Born 1849 at St Marylebone, London.  Married Sarah (b1859 in Powcobrey, Shropshire). [Parents]
(David2, Michael1)

Ada F Ingarfield born 1882 at Paddington, London.
Robert W Ingarfield born 1879 at Westminster, London.

1881 census records Robert Ingarfield's occupation as Leaser Billard Rooms.

4th Generation

Alice Caroline Ingarfield: Born 1844 in Wapping, Middlesex, London.  Married Charles Steele September 1867 in Brighton, Sussex. Died 1903 at Chelsea, London. [Parents
Birth Certificate: St George in the East 2 79 1844 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 372 1867 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Charles Steele: Born 1847 in Lewes, Sussex.  Son of Charles Steele & Caroline Phillips.

Charles Reginald Steele born September 1868 at Brighton, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 2b 237 1868 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Ernest Steele born 1870 at Marylebone, London.
Alice Caroline Steele born 1871 at Brighton, Sussex.  Died 1872.
Anne Steele born 1873 at Marylebone, London.
Cecilia Steele born 1877 at Weybridge, Surrey.  Died 1896.
Archibald Steele born 1878 in Lewes, Sussex.
Ethel Steele born 1880 in Lewes, Sussex.
Ellen Caroline Steele born December 1885 at Marylebone, London.  Married William Arthur John Elson.
Birth Certificate: Marylebone, London 1a 542 1885 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Nellie Steele born 1887 at Marylebone, London.

John Ingarfield: Born June 1850 in Brighton, Sussex.  Married Mary Emma Nye 1881 in Brighton. [Parents]
(John 3, John2, Michael1)
Birth Certificate: Brighton, Sussex 7 313 1850 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate: St Saviours, Southwark 1d 67 1882 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Mary Emma J Nye: Born 1855 in Brighton, Sussex.

George John Ingarfield
Frank Nye Ingarfield born 1885 in London. Died 1940 in Wandsworth, London.
Frederick Ingarfield born 1887 in London.  Married Annette Bethell Dec 1919 at Tonbridge, Kent. Died 1948.
Edward Ingarfield born 1888 in Lambeth, London.  Died 1927.
Dorothy Ingarfield born 1890 in Lambeth, London.
Sarah Ingarfield born 1892.
Bessie Ingarfield born 1896.
Thomas William Ingarfield born 1900.

1881 census records occupation of John Ingarfield as fishmonger

Frederick William Ingarfield: Born Jul 1857 in St Marylebone, London.  Married [1] Elizabeth Jane Cowdery. [2] Margaret Scrase in 1900 at Marylebone, London.  Died June 1913 in George Hanover Square, London. [Parents]
(Edward3, John2, Michael1)

Elizabeth Jane Cowdery: Born 1857 in St Marylebone, London.  Died 1895 at Kensington, London.

Children of Frederick Ingarfield & Elizabeth Jane Cowdery:
Lily Ingarfield born 1882.
Albert Ingarfield born 1889
James Ingarfield born 1892.  Died 3rd June 1917 (see note below)
William Ingarfield born 1886

Margaret Scrase: Born 1843 at Ditchling, Sussex.  Daughter of Thomas Scrase & Harriett Holford.
Branch Link - [Scrase Family Tree]

Notes Margaret Scrase:
Margaret Scrase had three children prior to the marriage to Frederick Ingarfield - father unknown.
Elizabeth born 1864 at Ditchling, Sussex
  Sarah Jane born 1862 at Ditchling, Sussex
Harriett born 1885 at Brighton, Sussex

1871 census: RG 10; Piece; Folio 26, Page 7
Occupation 1871: Cowkeepers daughter residing at North Street, Ditchling, Sussex.

Notes for James Ingarfield
Pte James Ingarfield (Service No 26996)  was killed on 3rd June 1917 at Etaples, France while serving with No 1 Coy - Machine Gun Corp
Follow above link to Memorial - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Edward John Ingarfield: Born 1855 in London.  Married 1875 Elizabeth Emma Phillips at Brighton, Sussex. [Parents]
(Edward3, John2, Michael1)
Marriage Certificate: Brighton 2b 456 1878 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Elizabeth Emma Phillips: Born June 1856 at Steyning, Sussex.  Daughter of Rebecca Phillips b1836.
Birth Certificate: Steyning, Sussex 2b 240 1856 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Edward Ingarfield
Frederick Ingarfield
Elizabeth Ingarfield born 1884 in Brighton, Sussex. Married Charles W Elliott in 1915 at Brighton, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: St Olave Southwark 1d 210 1884 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Thomas Ingarfield born 1886 in Bermondsey, London.
Emma Ingarfield born 1888 in Bermondsey, London.
Birth Certificate: St Olave Southwark 1d 221 1888 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Rebecca Ingarfield born 1891 in Bermondsey, London.
Birth Certificate: St Olave Southwark 1d 282 1891 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Alice Ingarfield born 1892 in Brighton, Sussex.
William Ingarfield born 1895 in Brighton, Sussex.

Edward John Ingarfield was known to own a commerial Icehouse in Brighton at
72 Preston Road in 1895 - also the residence of the family.  1901 census records Edwards occupation
as fishmonger but his name also appears on an historical document - Brighton Ice Houses which can be
viewed via this link.

William Fields Ingarfield: Born 1858 in Westminster, London.  Married Annie Maria Timbers (b1858 in Norfolk). [Parents]
(William 3, John2, Michael1)

Florence Ingarfield born 1889 in Lambeth, London.  Died 1926.

Rosina (Minnie) Ingarfield: Born 1868 in Walworth, London.  Married [1] Augustus Askew in 1894 at Hampstead, London. Married [2]Richard Wright not known. Died 1966. [Parents]
(William 3, John2, Michael1)
Source: Young Family Tree - - Public Trees & 1901 cenus

Augustus Askew: Born 1863 at St Pancras, London. Son of John Askew & Caroline. [Remote Branch Link] Askew Family Tree.
Marriage Certificate: Hampstead, London 1894 1a 1181 Apr/May/Jun Qtr

Children of Minnie & Augustus:
Augustus Askew born 1887 at Paddington, London.
Birth Certificate: Paddington, London 1887 1a 72 Jan-Feb-Mar Qtr
Rosina Sarah Askew born 1890 at Willesden, London.
Birth Certificate: Hendon, Middlesex 1890 3a 172 Jan-Feb-Mar Qtr
John Askew born 1892 at Kentish Town, London.
Edith Askew born 1896 at Holloway, London.
Alfred Askew born 1899 at Kentish Town, London.

Richard Wright: Born 1869 at Maldon, Essex.

Children of Minnie & Richard:
Minnie Wright born 1892 at Maldon, Essex.  Married Frank William Handley. Died 27th January 1993 at Heybridge, Essex.
Birth Certificate: Maldon, Essex 1892 4a 534A Jul-Aug-Sep Qtr
Arthur Wright born 1896 at Maldon, Essex.
Alice (Queenie) Wright born 1900 at Maldon, Essex.
Birth Certificate: Maldon, Essex 1900 4a 676 Apr-May-Jun Qtr
Care Wright born 1904.

There appears to be some confusion and uncertainty surrounding the children's birth dates in relationship to Minnie's
partners.  Search of birth certificates currently being researched.

James Henry Ingarfield: Born 22nd July 1873 in Marylebone, Middlesex, London.  Married Adelaide Lucy Burham at St Peter's Church, Islington on 24th December 1893.  Died 1968 in Windsor, London. [Parents
(Edward3, John2, Michael1)
Birth Certificate: Marylebone, London 1a 503 1873 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr

Adelaide Lucy Banham: Born 22nd April 1872 in Islington, London.  Daughter of James Burham & Adelaide Sturman.

James Edward Ingarfield
Adelaide Elizabeth Ingarfield born 15th February 1897 at Marylebone, London.  Married George Henry Powell on 17th September 1915 at Marylebone Register Office.
Newley Ingarfield born 1897 at Marylebone, London.
Francis Sarah B Ingarfield born 1901 at St Marylebone, London.
Birth Certificate: St Marylebone, London 1a 576 1901 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Caroline Annie Ingarfield born 1907 at St Marylebone, London.
Birth Certificate: St Marylebone, London 1a 538 1907 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Robert Cecil Ingarfield born 25th July 1909 at St Marylebone, London. Died February 1989.
Birth Certificate: St Marylebone, London 1a 492 1909 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Death Certificate: Watford, Herts 10 890 1989
Frederick W Ingarfield born 1912.
George H Ingarfield born 1914
Alexander R Ingarfield born 1917.

George Edward Ingarfield: Born 1876 in Marylebone, London.  Married Elizabeth Major at St Lukes Evangelist Church, Paddington 1900. Died 1940. [Parents
(Edward3, John2, Michael1)
Marriage Record: Paddington Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr - Vol 1a Page 11

Elizabeth Emily Major: Born 1880 in Paddington, London. Daughter of Thomas Major & Lydia Lee. Died 23rd July 1953 at N Kensington, London.

George Edward Ingarfield
Elizabeth Ingarfield born 31st January 1903, Kilburn, London.  Died 1903.
Lillian Josephine Ingarfield
Lydia Ingarfield
Frances Ingarfield born 15th February 1908 at N Kensington, London.  Died 5th December 1979.
[BC Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr Vol 3a Page 380]
James Ingarfield born c1912 in N Kensington, London.
Thomas (Tom) Ingarfield born March 1913 in N Kensington, London.
Henry Ingarfield born 1915 in Kensington, London.  Died 5th March 1943 WWII Malaysia - See notes & links below.
[BC Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr Vol 1a Page 241]
Frederick Ingarfield born 1916 at N Kensington, London.  Died 1916.
Victor Ingarfield born 29th June 1919.  Died September 1997.
[DC Newham, London Reg C44 2571C Entry 7]

Henry (Harry) Ingarfield (Army service No 1426678) died on 5th March 1943 while serving as a gunner with the
Royal Artillery - 9th Coast Regt in Malaya and is buried in Singapore.
Japanese POW
Force:  600 Gunners Party - Work Areas:  Rebual then Ballali Island -  Died Age:  27
 Cause of Death:
 Cause unknown but a mass grave was found on Ballali Island with the remains of 435 men, the remainder of the 517 who were transported to Ballali died before the massacre.  Ballali Island - Buried:
 12 mile north of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
 Link to Singapore Memorial
600 Gunners Party - Dedication to Henry (Harry) Ingarfield

5th Generation

Edward Ingarfield: Born 1880 in Northumberland.  Married May Packer 1914 in Wandsworth, London. Died 1960 at Steyning, Sussex. [Parents]
(Edward4, Edward3, John2, Michael1)

Frederick Ingarfield: Born 1882 in St Marylebone, London.  Married [1] Ellen Lovelock 1913 at Bethnal Green, London.   Married [2]Florence Holman (b1896 in London) 1st March 1931 in Battersea, London.  Died 1989. [Parents]
(Edward4, Edward3, John2, Michael1)

Ellen Loverlock: Born 1883 in Bethnal Green, London.  Died 1981.

Children of Frederick Ingarfield & Ellen Lovelock:
Frederick Ingarfield born 1st June 1914.  Died 1914.
Donald Ingarfield
Living Ingarfield

Children of Frederick Ingarfield & Florence Holman:
Living Ingarfield born 1930.

George John Ingarfield: Born 24th December 1882 in London.  Married Daisy Bastard 16th June 1914 at Lambeth, London. Died 3rd April 1945 at Lewisham, London. [Parents]
(John4, John3, John2, Michael1)
Birth Certificate: St Saviour, Southwark 1883 1d 192 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Married Record: Lambeth 1914 1d 641 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Death Certificate: Lewisham 1945 1d 569

Daisy Bastard born 1884 in Kensington, London, daughter of William Bastard & Mary Martin

George Edward Ingarfield: Born 13th October 1901 in Hendon, London.  Married Alice Cornwall on 3rd January 1926.  Died 1964. [Parents]
(George4, Edward3, John2, Michael1)
[BC Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr Vol 3a Page 256]

Alice Cornwall: Born 4th September 1902 in London.  Died 1995.

Alice Ingarfield born 3rd October 1930 in Kilburn, London.
Sylvia Ingarfield
George Ingarfield born 10th July 1935 in London.
Albert Ingarfield born 24th June 1936.
Thomas Ingarfield born 30th July 1838.
Pamela Ingarfield born 15th May 1942.
Brian Ingarfield born 30th October 1944.
Kenneth Ingarfield born 25th March 1948.

George Ingarfield (b1901) occupation: Omnibus Driver

Lydia Ingarfield: Born 1906 in Hendon, London.  Married Robert Foreman 1927 at Kensington, London.  Died 1993.
(George4, Edward3, John2, Michael1)   [Parents]
[BC Apr/May/Jun Qtr Vol 3a Page 281]
[MC Apr/May/Jun Qtr Vol 1a Page 369]

Robert Foreman: Born 1905 in London.  Died 1982.

Robert Foreman born 1928
Leslie Foreman born 1930.  Died 2000.
Dorothy Foreman born 1932. Married William Bird (b1930) - daughter: Valerie Bird b1954.
Anthony Foreman born 1938.

James Edward Ingarfield: Born 12th September 1895 in Marylebone, London. Married Rose Cooper in 1919 at Islington Register Office. [Parents]

James E P Ingarfield born 1920 in St Olave, London.

Lillian Josephine Ingarfield: Born 4th July 1904 at Willsden, London.  Married George Daniel Gaul 23rd August 1925 at Kensington, London. Died 29th February 1988 at Carshalton, Surrey. [Parents]
(George4, Edward3, John2, Michael1)
Death Certificate: Sutton, Surrey Vol 15 Page 280 1988

George Daniel Gaul: Born 20th May 1904 at Marylebone, London. Son of Christopher Gaul & Emma Harrison. Died 1962.

George Frederick Albert Gaul born 9th June 1926 in Paddington, London.  Married Joan Hunt on 20th January 1950.  Died 1977.
Christopher Gaul born 3rd March 1927 in Paddington, London.  Died 1929.
Birth Certificate: Kensington, London 1a 156 1927 Oct Nov/Dec Qtr
Leonard Gaul born 16th April 1937 in Paddington, London.  Married Margaret Stone on 31st August 1967 at St John's, Brixton, London.
Birth Certificate: Paddington, London 1a 91 1937 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Leslie Gaul born 11th September 1938 in Paddington, London.  Married Ivy Roberts. Died 2005.
Birth Certificate:Paddington, London 1a 45 1938 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Death Certificate: Westminister, London Reg A51c 258/1A Entry 218 2005

6th Generation

Donald Ingarfield: Born 4th March 1920.  Married Unknown Everest.  Died 1989. [Parents]
(Frederick5, Edward4, Edward3, John2, Michael1)

Sandra Ingarfield born 21st October 1955.
Stephen Ingarfield born 1948.  Died 1948.
Living Ingarfield born 1953.
Living Ingarfield born 1955.
Living Ingarfield born 1957.

Sylvia Ingarfield: Born 17th February 1932 in Middlesex, London.  Married William Hampton 23rd January 1954 at Paddington, London.  [Parents]
(George5, George4, Edward3, John2, Michael1)

William Hampton: Born 1929 in Middlesex, London.  Died 1980 at Ealing, London.

Christine Hampton born 1951 in Paddington, London.
Thomas Hampton born 25th February 1955 in North Kensington, London.
Robert Hampton born 1956 in Middlesex, London.
Pauline Hampton born 1959 in Hammersmith, London.

Main Research Source - Sandra Ingarfield - Genesreunited