Scrase Family Tree
Edward Scrase

Updated 26th June 2101

1st Generation

Edward SCRASE: Born abt 1791 in Wartling, Sussex.  Married Anne.


Thomas Scrase


2nd Generation



Thomas SCRASE: Born 1806 in Ditchling, Sussex.  Died 29th September 1846 at Ditchling, Sussex.
Married: Harriett Holford on 29 April 1829 at St Nicholas Church, Brighton, Sussex.

Harriett HOLFORD: Born 1811 in Hellingly, Sussex.  Daughter of John Holford (b1784 at Framfield, Sussex) & Sarah Banks.
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[see - Family Branch Link] - Charles Scrase Branch Tree - Connection with main Scrase Tree unresolved at present
(Note: Above branch links relate to family inter-relationships by marriage)

Frederick SCRASE
Sarah Scrase born 1829
Elizabeth Scrase born 1834 in Chailey, Sussex.
Margaret SCRASE
Edwin Scrase born 1846 in Ditchling, Sussex. Died 7th May 1852.

1871 census records Harriett widow with occupation of cowkeeper using 18 acres of farm.

3rd Generation
Frederick SCRASE: Born 1832 in Ditchling, Sussex, England.  Married (1) Mary Ann Ingarfield in 1858 at Marylebone. . (2)Ann Hallett in 1869 at Lewes, Sussex. (3)Elizabeth Ingarfield Abt 1880 [Parents]
Generations: Thomas1

Children of Frederick & Mary Ann Ingarfield:
Frederick Scrase born 1859
Elizabeth Scrase born 1861
Mary Ann Scrase born 1863 in Chailey, Sussex, England.
Rose M Scrase born 1868 in Chailey, Sussex, England.

Ann HALLETT: Born Abt 1847 at Chailey, Sussex. Daughter of Lydia & Thomas Hallett (b1813 at Clayton, Sussex).

Children of Frederick & Ann Hallett:

Kate Scrase born 1871 in Chailey, Sussex, England.
Anne Scrase born 1873 in Chailey, Sussex, England.
Thomas Scrase born 1875 in Chailey, Sussex, England.
George Scrase born 1877 in Ditchling, Sussex, England.
Edwin Scrase born 1876 in Ditchling, Sussex. 1891 census records occupation as Carperters Apprentice.

Elizabeth INGARFIELD: Born 1835. Daughter of John & Sarah Ingarfield. [Branch Link] - Ingarfield Family

Children of Frederick & Elizabeth Ingarfield:
Bertie Scrase born 1882 at Ditchling, Sussex
Arthur Scrase born 1885 at Ditchling, Sussex
Edith Scrase born 1883 at Ditchling, Sussex
Frank Scrase born 1885

Data regarding marriages for Frederick Scrase is only 85%  probability at this time.  Further research required.

1881 census records Frederick Scrase being the licenced victualler of
The White Horse Inn, Ditchling and employing a servant Frederick Markwick (b1860) from Barcombe, Sussex.
At time of census, Tom Hallett (brother of Ann Hallett) recorded as visitor.

Jane SCRASE: Born 1840 in Ditchling, Sussex.  [1] Unknown partner.  [2] Married Jonathan Vine 29th January 1871 at St Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex. [Parents]
Generations: Thomas1
Marriage Certificate: Brighton, Sx 2b 221 1871 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr

Jonathan VINE:  Born abt 1844 at Hailsham, Sussex.  Occupation: 1881 Master Baker.

Children of Jane & Unknown Partner:
Sarah Jane SCRASE
Elizabeth Scrase born abt 1863 at Ditchling, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 2b 143 1863 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Children of Jane & Jonathan Vine:
*Rosetta Vine
*Ann Vine born 1865 at Brighton, Sussex.
Birth Certificate: Eastbourne, Sussex 2b 57 1864 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
Elizabeth Vine born 1867 at Brighton, Sussex.

Children born to Jonathan Vine & Jane; Unsubstantiated at this time.
1871 census records Sarah Jane Scrase & Elizabeth Scrase living with their grandmother (Harriett) at Ditchling, Sussex

Margaret SCRASE: Born 1844 at Ditchling, Sussex. Married Frederick William Ingarfield December 1900 at Marylebone, London. (see notes below) [Parents]
[Branch Link] - Ingarfield Family Tree
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 7 399 1844 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Elizabeth born 1864 at Ditchling, Sussex
Sarah Jane born 1862 at Ditchling, Sussex
Harriett born 1885 at Brighton, Sussex

The father of above children born to Margaret Scrase prior to marriage to Frederick William Ingarfield unknown.  Unmarried mother.
Frederick Ingarfield (b1857 at Marylebone, London) previously married to Elizabeth Jane Cowdery (b1857 Marylebone, London.
Frederick Ingarfield & Elizabeth had four childre: Lily b1882, Albert b1889, James b1892 & William b1886.
Frederick Ingarfield died June 1913 at George Hanover Square, London.  Elizabeth Cowdery died 1895 at Kensington, London.

Facts for Margaret Scrase:
1871 census records occupation as cowkeepers daughter and residing at North Street Ditchling.  Ref: RG10 Piece: Folio 26 Page 7; GSU roll: 827491

 4th Generation

James A SCRASE: Born 9th November 1867 at Ditchling, Sussex.  Died 1943.  Married [1] Sarah Baldwin. 23rd June 1895 at Hove, Sussex. Married [2] Maria Thornhill. in 1917.  (Main Branch Link) [Parents]

Sarah (Annie) BALDWIN:  Born 11th November 1870 in Askett, Buckinghamshire, England.

Children of James & Sarah:
Elsie (Daisy) Scrase born 4th August 1897 at Hove, Sussex, England. Possibly marriedRichard Ketchell 1918 at Lewes, Sussex.*1. Died 28th July 1973.
Margaret (Ellen) Scrase born 1899 at Hove, Sussex, England. Possibly emigrated to Canada and married Edward Hopwood. *2Died 1985.
James Scrase born 17th June 1898 at Hove, Sussex, England.Died 18th February 1974.

Joseph Baldwin Scrase born 7th November 1902 at Hove, Sussex, England. Died 11th December 1982.
Edwin Scrase born 1901 at Steyning, Sussex, England.  Died 1902.
Alfred Peter Scrase born 24th March 1906 at Steyning, Sussex, England.  Died 29th December 1985.
Winifred Scrase

*1 - Lewes marriage records 1918 Apr/May/Jun Qtr 2b 397
*2 - Unsubstantiated at this time.

Children of James & Maria:
Molly Scrase born 1917 at Burgess Hill, Sussex.  Married David Leopard. [Parents]

David Leppard: Born 2nd March 1910 at Brighton.  Died 2001 Butleigh, Somerset. [Branch Link]Leppard Family Tree

Sarah Jane SCRASE: Born 29th September 1862 at Ditchling, Sussex.  Married John Tweed Simmonds on 26th December 1885 at Croydon, Surrey. [Parents]
Generations: Jane2, Thomas1
Birth Certificate: Lewes, Sussex 2b 140 1862 Dec Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Croydon, Surrey 2a 354 1885 Dec Qtr

John Tweed Simmonds: Born 16th March 1864 at Croydon, Surrey.  Son of Henry Simmonds & Susannah Tweed. Died 23rd November 1917 in Croydon, Surrey.

Edith Simmonds born 1886 at Croydon, Surrey.
Walter John Simmonds born 1888 at Croydon, Surrey.
Birth Certificate: Croydon, Surrey 2a 217 1888 Dec Qtr
Edward Ernest Simmonds born 1889 at Croydon, Surrey.
Birth Certificate: Croydon, Surrey 2a 277 1889 Dec Qtr
George Henry Simmonds born 1893 at Croydon, Surrey.
Birth Certificate: Croydon, Surrey 2a 215 1893 Sep Qtr
Lily Simmonds born 1898 at Croydon, Surrey.
Birth Certificate: Croydon, Surrey 2a 235 1898 Sep Qtr

5th Generation

Winifred SCRASE:Born 28th November 1900 at Hove, Sussex, England. Married John Duffy 10th February 1920 at Grays, Thurrock, Essex.  Died 23rd September 1993 at Haywards Heath, Sussex. [Parents]

John Duffy: Born 28th June 1890 at Ballinrimpa, Co Mayo, Ireland.  Occupation: Soldier - British Army.  Died 18th July 1944 at Tooting, London.


Patrick Duffy born 1922.  Died 2009.
Edward Duffy born 1923. Died 1924.
Peter Duffy. Born 1925. Died 1998.
Kathleen Duffy. Born 1926. Died 2000.
Winifred Duffy. Born 1928.
Eamon Duffy. Born 1930.

Following - Unlinked at Present
Richard SCRASE: Born 1847.  Married Louisa (nee unknown). Died 26 May 1936 - Buried in St Andrews Churchyard, Burgess Hill, Sussex.

Alfred SCRASE: Born 1840.  Married to Mercy born 1849 (nee unknown).  Died 21 January 1925 - Buried in St Andrews Churchyard, Burgess Hill, Sussex.