Descendants of John Swan

Updated: 6th October 2010

1st Generation
John SWAN:  Born 1821 at Marden, Kent, England.  Married Sarah Golding on 29th September 1844 at Marden, Kent. Died 1898.

Sarah GOLDING:  Born 1822 at Marden, Kent, England. Died 1903.

Jane SWAN born 1845 in Staplehurst, Kent, England.
Sarah SWAN
Rebeca SWAN born 1849 in Staplehurst, Kent, England.
John Frederick SWAN
Stephen SWAN
Mary SWAN born 1857 in Marden, Kent, England.
Ellen SWAN born 1861 at Marden, Kent, England.
Fany Swan born 1864 in Marden, Kent, England.
Thomas SWAN

John Swan born 1821 recorded in 1861 census as Ag Labourer at Beech Farm, Marden, Kent & living in Beech Lane, Marden.

2nd Generation

Sarah SWAN: Born 13th January 1847 in Staplehurst, Kent, England. Married Jeremiah Cornwell Knowlden in 1871.  [Parents]
(Generations: John1)

Jeremiah Cornwell Knowlden: Born 11th October 1846 at Marden, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 5a 360 1846 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 2a 1084 1871 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr - recorded as Cornwell Knowlden
Death Certificate: Medway, Kent 2a 902 1917 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr

Nelly Knowlden born 1875.  Died 1970.
John Knowlden born 1877 at New Brompton, Kent.

1901 census records Jeremiah Knowlden occupation as Dockyard Messenger

John Frederick SWAN:  Born 1852 at Marden, Kent, England.  Married Susannah Allen.  Resided at Rock Cottage, Colliers Green, Cranbrook, Kent.  In 1901 John Swan was known to be employed as a Gamekeeper.  [Parents]
Marriage Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1877 2a 746 Qtr
(Generations: John1)

Susannah ALLEN:  Born 1853 at Staplehurst, Kent, England.

Nelly SWAN born 1875 at Marden, Kent.
Minne SWAN born 1878 at Marden, Kent.
Thomas SWAN born 1880 at Staplehurst, Kent
John SWAN born 1882 at Cranbrook, Kent.
William SWAN born 1885 at Cranbrook, Kent.
Hubert SWAN born March 1888 at Cranbrook, Kent. Married Florence May Bath (daughter of Walter Albert Bath & Lucy Amy E. Barrett) on 26th July 1921 at St Mark's, Plumstead Common, Kent.
Birth Certificate: Cranbrook, Kent 1888 2a 775 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Woolwich, Kent 1921 1d 2656 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Laura SWAN born 1891 at Cranbrook, Kent.
May SWAN born 1897 at Cranbrook, Kent.

Hubert (Herbert) Swan employed as Postman in 1921 as recorded on Wedding Banns

Thomas SWAN: Born 1867 at Staplehurst, Kent, England.  Married unknown.
Thomas & his wife thought to have taken in Mary McAlder when she moved from London to Staplehurst. [Parents]
(Generations: John1)

Mary McAlder: Born cira 1889 in Ireland.

[1]  Mary McArdle is thought to have come from Ireland to London and taken a job as a Lady's Maid.  She had an affair with a High Court Judge who made her pregnant, whereupon she moved to Staplehurst in Kent.  She was taken in by the Swan family and gave birth to a baby boy.  Once she had had the baby, she disappeared leaving the baby with the family.  She is thought to have returned to Ireland although this cannot be verified.
The Swan family unoffically adopted the baby as their own and named the child Harold.
[2] 1901 census records Thomas Swan employed as a Dockyard Rigger Labourer residing with the Knowlden family in Gillingham, Kent.

Children of Mary McAlder:
Harold SWAN

Stephan SWAN: Born 1855 in Marden, Kent, England.  Married 1878 in Kent. Mirella. [Parents]
Marriage Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1878 2a 920 Apr/May/Jun Qtr
(Generations: John1)

Mirella HAWKINS: Born 1858 in Headcorn, Kent, England. Daughter of William Hawkins & Priscilla Collison

John SWAN born 1883 in Maidstone, Kent, England.
Mabel SWAN born 1881 in Maidstone, Kent, England.

Stephen Swan occupation as per the 1891 England Census shown as Railway Guard

3rd Generation

Harold SWAN: Born 1909.  Married Edith ROOTES [Parents]
Marriage Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1933 2a 239 Apr/May.Jun Qtr
(Generations: Thomas2, John1)

Edith Violet ROOTES: Born 22nd April 1908 in Kent, England. Daughter of Henrietta KEMP. Died 1975 in Kent.
Birth Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1908 2a 917 Apr/MayJun Qtr
Death Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1975 16 1261
Colin SWAN

4th Generation

Colin R SWAN: Born 4th November 1933 in Staplehurst, Kent, England.  Married Patricia ALLAM 29th March 1958 at St Mary's Church, Salehurst, East Sussex. [Goto Photo]. [Parents]
Birth Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1933 2a 1285 Oct/Nov/Dec Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Battle, Sussex 1958 5h 56 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
(Generations: Harold3, Thomas2, John1)

Patricia ALLAM: Born 25th August 1938 in London, England. Daughter of Alfred Ernest Allam & Winifred Lynn.  [Parents] [Main Branch Link]
Birth Certificate: Lewisham, Greater London 1938 1d 1161 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
Clare SWAN

June SWAN: Born 5th June 1946 in Staplehurst, Kent.  Married David Parkinson MOORE 23 January 1971 at Staplehurst Parish Church. [Parents]
Birth Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1946 2a 2358 Apr/May Jun Qtr
Marriage Certificate Maidstone, Kent 1971 5f 808 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
(Generations: Harold3, Thomas2, John1)

David Parkinson MOORE: Born 13 January 1948.  Died 21 January 1996.
Death Certificate: Maidstone, Kent 1996 Reg B64C 5691B 298
Michael MOORE

5th Generation

Clare SWAN: Born 22nd September 1962 (Adopted).  Married Kevin Clark 24th September 1983 at All Saints, Sutton, Greater London. Parents]
Marriage Certificate: Sutton, Greater London 1983 15 0173 Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr
(Generations: Colin4, Harold3, Thomas2, John1)

Kevin CLARK: Born 29th October 1959.
Danel Clark born 16th July 1989.
Matthew Clark born 16th July 1986

Ruth SWAN: Born 11th March 1965 in Hastings, Sussex.  Married Malcomb Joynson 19th March 1988 at Ifield Parish Church, Crawley, West Sussex. [Parents]
Birth Certificate: Hastings, Sussex 1965 5h 416 Jan/Feb/Mar Qtr
Marriage Certificate: Crawley, Sussex 1988 18 571
(Generations: Colin4, Harold3, Thomas2, John1)
Malcomb JOYNSON: Born 29th April 1959 in Eastbourne, Sussex.
Lucy JOYNSON born 31st July 1988
Emma JOYNSON born 20th April 1991.

Michael MOORE: Born 20 March 1978.  Married Anita Jane HARRISON 20 September 2003 at Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent.[Parents]
(Generations: June4, Harold3, Thomas2, John1)
Harvey David Moore born 15th June 2005.