Descendants of William Thornhill
Updated 26th May 2009

1st Generation
William THORNHILL: Born Abt 1789 at (Hatton) Cowley, Middlesex, England.  Married Maria Hare 30th May 1814 at St Leonards, Heston, Middlesex. Died 24th April 1857 at West Drayton, Middlesex.

Maria HARE: Born Abt 1792 at Cowley, Middlesex, England. Died 20th September 1853.

William Thornhill
James Thornhill
Robert Thornhill
Fredrick Thornhill
Henry Thornhill
Thomas Thornhill born 4th September 1815 at (Cowley) West Drayton, Middlesex.
George Thornhill born 5th June 1832. Died 6th June 1837.
Samuel Thornhill born 3rd June 1836.
Sophia Thornhill
Harriett Thornhill born 20th June 1817.
Joseph Thornhill born 17th January 1819. Died 4th May 1825.
Ann Thornhill born 17th December 1820.
Elizabeth Thornhill born 4th July 1822. Died 4th June 1830.
Eliza Thornhill born 10th July 1823 or 1824.

2nd Generation

William THORNHILL: Born 21 April 1816 at Cowley, Middlesex, England. Married Eliza Green. [Parents]

Eliza GREEN: Born 1829 in London, Middlesex. Her sister: Emma Green b1825 was living with family in 1861.

Eliza G Thornhill born 1850 at Battersea, Middlesex, England.
Sarah E Thornhill born 1854 at Battersea, Middlesex, England.
William G Thornhill born 1852 at Battersea, Middlesex, England.

Note: William employed a servant: Charlotte Hale (b1830) from Leabrook, Gloucestershire - as per 1861 census.

James THORNHILL: Born 3rd November 1827 at Cowley, Middlesex, England.  Married Fanny Bray 1857 at Uxbridge, Middlesex. Died 1st May 1882.[Parents]

Fanny BRAY: Born 1835 at Harefield, Middlesex, England.

Harriet Thornhill born 1861 at West Drayton, Middlesex.
James Thornhill born 1859 at West Drayton, Middlesex.
Alice Thornhill
Frederick Thornhill born 1870 at West Drayton, Middlesex
George Thornhill
Henry Thornhill born 1863 at West Drayton, Middlesex.
Lizzie Thornhill born 1872 at West Drayton, Middlesex.
Maria Thornhill born 1874 at West Drayton, Middlesex.

Robert THORNHILL: Born 21st December 1828 at Cowley, Middlesex, England.  Married Catherine Owen 1853 at Uxbridge, Middlesex. Died 8th January 1861. [Parents]

Catherine OWEN: Born 1831 at Hedgerley, Buckinghamshire.

Fredrick THORNHILL: Born 25th July 1830 at Cowley, Middlesex, England.  Married Amelia Worley 1860 at Brentford, Middlesex. Died 5th June 1869. [Parents]

Amelia WORLEY: Born 1831 at Hillington, Middlesex, England.

Sophia Thornhill born 1861 at Brentford, Middlesex, England.

Note: A Emma Worley - Niece (b1859) at Hayes, Middlesex was living with family - as per 1861 census.

Henry THORNHILL: Born 2nd February 1834 at West Drayton (Cowley), Middlesex, England.  In 1861, Henry known to be a soldier with the 2nd Life Guards stationed at Cavalry Barracks, Windsor. Married - Anne Eliza Rain 30th January 1868 at Trinty Church, Chelsea, London.  Known to have run a public house 'Palmers Alms' [Go to Photo] and coal merchants and resided in the village of Dorney, Buckinghamshire, England. Died 10th September 1898. [Parents]
Anne Eliza RAIN: Born 1843 at Preston, Lancashire, England. Daughter of John Rain & Maria Cuerden.

Henry Thornhill was known to be a heavy gambler and reputably lost both the public house and his coal merchant business while playing cards one night.  Known
to have employed two servants: Elizabeth Tugwood b1869 from Dorney & Mary Rain (Anne Eliza Rain's younger sister)  b1867 from Preston, Lancashire.

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Maria Thornhill (Main Branch Link)
Henry Thornhill
William Thornhill born 1880 at Dorney, Buckinghamshire.
Edward John Thornhill born 1881 at Dorney, Buckinghamshire.
Lily Thornhill born 1885 at Dorney, Buckinghamshire.

Sophia THORNHILL: Born 5th January 1825 at (Cowley) West Drayton, Middlesex.  Married George Parker 28th July 1860. Died 23rd November 1875. [Parents]

George PARKER: Born 1820.  Died 5th January 1893.

Georgina Parker born 14th May 1862.
Maria Sarah Parker born 13th October 1864.
Amelia Parker born 1866.
Fanny Lousia Parker 29th April 1868. Emigrated to Australia 1911.

3rd Generation

Alice THORNHILL: Born 1875 at West Drayton, Middlesex .  Married William David Stevens 1899 Kensington, London. [Parents]

William Stevens born 1900 at Dartford, Kent.

George THORNHILL: Born 1865 at West Drayton, Middlesex.  Married Jessie Unknown (b1870) in Gloucestershire. [Parents]

Charles G Thornhill: Born 1899 at Bath.

George Thornhill was known to be Licenced Victualler and running a public house in Bath - 1901 Census

Henry THORNHILL: Born 17th September 1878 at Dorney, Buckinghamshire, England.  Married Henriette Eyden 24th December 1899 at Church of All Saints, Acton, Middlesex.  Died October 1953 at Acton, Middlesex. [Parents]

Henriette EYDEN: Born 20th April 1877 at Southall Green, Middlesex, England.  Father Percy Eyden born 1862 - Mother Carrie.  Died 1938 Acton, Middlesex.

Ivy Thornhill
Henry Percy Thornhill born 1903 at Eton, Buckinghamshire. Married Lydia.
William George Thornhill born 1906 at Eton, Buckinghamshire. Married Katherine.
Lillian Maud Thornhill born 1907.  Married Ted Mills.
Margaret Thornhill born 1901.  Died 1912.
Grace Thornhill born 3rd November 1912.  Married Sidney Cleveland.
Mabel Thornhill born 17th November 1914 in Acton, Middlesex.  Married Fred Wackett.

4th Generation
Ivy THORNHILL: Born 25th August 1900 at Acton, Middlesex, England.  Married Charles Edward Fines 31st July 1920 at Trinity Church, Toronto, Canada.  Died 11th November 1971 in Toronto, Canada. [Parents]

Charles Edward FINES: Born 27th April 1887 at Whitedale, East Yorkshire, England.  Died 12th November 1959 in Toronto, Canada.

George Edward Fines
Dorothy Jean Fines born 11th December 1922 at Scugog Island, Ontario, Canada.  Died 26th June 1988 at Oshawa, Ontario.
Russell Henry Fines born 3rd December 1924 at Scugog Island, Ontario, Canada.
Norma Georgeen Fines born 16th July 1931 at Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.

5th Generation

George Edward FINES: Born 3rd June 1921 at Scugog Island, Ontario, Canada. Married Helen Prentice 27th May 1944 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Died 22nd October 1973 at Kingsville, Ontario. [Parents]

Helen Gertrude PRENTICE: Born 10th August 1922 at Midland, Ontario, Canada.

Catherine Helen Fines born 29th June 1952 at Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Irene Anne Fines
Edward George Fines
Stephen Charles Fines
Elizabeth Leah Fines
Marie Louise Fines
Robert Allen Fines
David Randolph Fines