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Updated: 1st July 2010
Site News page will keep all informed about any new features we introduce, i.e. announcements, acknowledgements for received information and any other general news which you might find of interest.
Regular readers of this news page will have noticed that nothing much has been done in the last year in the way of updates to the numerous family trees.  There are two very good reasons for this.  Firstly as many of you will have experienced, we hit a brick wall in our research and decided to take time out to recharge our batteries so to speak.  Secondly, we had a major problem with our main database software which decided it did not want to play anymore with the result that we lost about a 100 named individuals.  Those names we're still trying to recover.

Taking the time out certainly has paid benefits as recent new information has come to light which has allowed us to sort out an error within the tree and subsequently allowed us to add a complete new family generation.  If your interest relate to the Atkin Family, why not go have a look.

For those of you kind enough to pass on information over the last year, a big thank you but please be patient as we are still wading through the hundreds of emails and other bits of information to complete the necessary updates.  As we do this, we of course will ackowledge your valued contributions.
(Items added: 1st July 2010)

Big thanks to Christopher Manning for his fascinating contribution on the Worker Family.  Not only does his data add yet an earlier generation to the tree but also adds many new family lines over the generations.  Must also say a huge thank you to Joanne Ash for her very generous contribution to the Lowdell/Hales family trees.

At the being of this month we experienced a major disaster on discovering our master database had somehow become totally corrupted.  How this had happened is a complete mystery as we utilise the full range safety measures including for a protection firewall and the latest anti virus software.  Thankfully all was not lost as we had a good backup copy.  Even so, still took a a couple of days hard work to rebuild but we got there in the end.  So my fellow genealogist, take my advise and regularly make a backup copy of your valuable data.

As ever, the web site continues to go from strength to strength having now just added the 5000th family member and now well on the way to new heights.  In just under eighteen months, numbers have doubled from the then 2000 mark to this remarkable new level.
Of course this achievement has only been possible with your generous contributions so we say a big thanks to each and every one of you.  Ever upward, we can now look forward to setting a new target.  If you would like to see all the new additions, take a look at the recent entries in 'What's New'
(Items added: 23rd June 2009)

Regular visitors to our site may have formed the impression that nothing has much been happening for the last three months.  Nothing could be further from the truth with many updates taking place and the inclusion of a new remote family tree for the Dobbs Family.  In respect of family tree updates, yet again this is primarily down to the very kind contributions from you good people from the world of genealogy. These have included new data being added to: Ingarfield, Allam, Atkin, Bateman, Bashford & Swabey families, taking our grand total of family members to a new record 4839.

On the functionality front, we have at long last cracked an annoying error we had on the Family Photograph Album page, in that we could not for some unknown reason get the 'flip over' photo's working. So another little problem solved.

With Easter almost upon us, can we take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Easter, a time when hopefully you can all relax and enjoy life.
(Items added: 9th April 2009)

With the dawn of yet another new year, our family tree has grown even large, now exceeding the 4000+ family member mark.  This dramatic increase is mainly due to the kind contribution of Kerry Atkin who answered our plea for information regarding living Atkin members still residing in Lincolnshire.
Kerry's fantastic information has not only expanded the family tree but given us so many more research leads to now follow up, plus the promise of further information to come.  Really appreciate your help Kerry and thanks again.
Finally, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that 2009 will be as successful as 2008 in growing this fascinating family tree.
(Items added: 1st January 2009)

One of the many questions we're often asked is how we are related to a particular family.  To hopefully answer this question we have now added new feature - the 'Family Inter-Relationships' table.  There is no need to go into explanation for once you have view the table, all become perfectly clear as to how the families link together.  If your not sure how your family links with to the principle Atkin tree, then go have a look.
(Items added: 5th November 2008)

The big news this week has to be our recent move to a new hosting provider.  The main reason for moving is that unfortunately, AOL who over the last six years has hosted the site is discontinuing their hosting, so we had no alternative than to find a new provider.

Just like moving house, moving to the new site has been a really hectic time, what with having to package everything up, label it all, transport it to the new site then reassemble everything.  Anyway, thankfully we’re all unpacked and back on-line.

Although a real hassle in moving, the one big advantage is we now have plenty of room to expand. This is very important for over the years, thanks to your generous contributions, the site has gone from strength to strength.  Currently recording some 38 different family trees made up of getting on for 4000 family members, we are now in a position to add further trees should the need arise.

You may also be interested to know we’ve taken this opportunity to make a few changes around the site. You will have seen we have a new front entry page and the inclusion of a new standard navigation bar on ever page plus the capacity to now publish lots of new photographs that you may like included.
(Items added: 15th October 2008)

Warmest congratulations to Gary & Monique Raymond on the birth of their new son Henry James, born on 20st August 2008.
(Items added: 5th September 2008)

With the site growing week on week thanks to an increasing number of your generous contributions, we thought is would be more appropriate to express our sincere thanks and acknowledgement in a more personal manner.   Therefore, all future contributions will be acknowledged with the use a pop-up box located adjacent to information supplied.  You will be able to recognise these acknowledgements by the use of this icon. 
Just click on the icon and you will then be able to view who made the contribution with the acknowledgement. In respect of past contributions
we ask for your patience as it will take time to insert each one.
(Items added: 8th August 2008)

With the ever growing number of new family names, we gave thought to how we could manage our linked indexing system in a better manner. Currenly the site has both an Index of Family Names and a more detailed Gazette, listing names in family groups.  While both were perfectly adapt at searching for a name, the amount of effort required to maintain was getting out of hand.  We have therefore redesigned the indexing, combining both indexes into one which we have renamed "Register of Family Names".  As such, with effect of today, no new names will be added to the Index of Family Names, plus it will shortly be removed.  Visitors should now find this new form of indexing both easy to use and speed up any search you carry out.
(Items added: 30th July 2008)

To give the site a feeling of past ages we have spiced up the main front page by including a midi file of John Dowland (1563-1626) "Unquiet Thoughts". During his lifetime John Dowland was one of the few Elizabethan composers whose fame spread throughout Europe, a contemporary with Sweelinck and Shakespeare.

Friends in Lincolnshire directed our attention to the 1841 census for South Somercoates which after some careful research revealed the brother of William Atkin and their resulting descendants.  Once again, the Atkin Family Tree has now grown by a further 11 members.

After weeks of trawling through masses of documents we have completed the Shearmur Family Tree - a family that traces back to the thirteen century.
None of this would have been possible without the very generous and warm hearted help of Mary Mather who not only contributed 20 years of her research documents but has worked with us to bring you this fascinating tree.  A very sincere thank you Mary.
(Items added: 10th June 2008)

Since going to press last, the group of contributing family members has grown yet again with Jackie Bales fascinating contribution on the Bales Family History, an inclusion we could not ignore.  Although not directly related to our primary trees, Jackie's detailed account of her ancestors lives is well worth a view and is therefore included in the Distant Trees section of the site.  Thanks again Jackie.
(Items added: 7th May 2008)

We congratuate Colin & Pat Swan on the occassion of their golden wedding anniversay.  Married in the spring of 1958 at the family church of St Mary's at Salehurst, they initially settled in Robertsbridge then later moved to Sutton.  The family marked the event with a surprise party at Findon near Worthing, drawing together many of their family and friends.

It is with sadness that we accounce the death of Godfrey Vivian Swabey who died recently in March 2008.  Godfrey born in May 1923 at Barnes, SW London, son of Alban Vincent Willoughby Swabey & Maggie Boseley was cremated at Putney Vale Cemetery on 4th April 2008.  Godfrey life was one of adventure, enjoying life to the full with a love of travel, fast motorbikes & cars, competative sport and animals.  Godfrey's strong character,  resilience and courage stood him in good stead for the many knocks throughout his life and will be sadly missed by those close to him.
(Items added: 10th April 2008)

Due to the recent death of Godfrey Swabey within the family, we thought as a tribute to his life we would include his family tree on the site.  However, this has only been possible with the fantastic and geneous help of Alison Powell who supplied much of the information.  Thank you Alison.
Research into the Swabey family revealed some very interesting historical facts, especially those related to Edmond Walter Pook who was arrested and charged with the murder of Jane Maria Clouson, a servant of the Pook household.  Edmond, found not guilty went on to marry Alice Swabey in 1881.
(Item added: 29th March 2008)

Although a bit late putting it online, we've published our family reunion photo taken on the occasion of our 40th Wedding Anniversary back in July 2007.  The picture is significant in that it records five living generations of the family from my mother, Haidee Atkin through to her great, great grandson Conner.
(Item added: 20th March 2008)

Thanks to the eagle eye of Leonard who spotted a critical error within the Ingarfield Family Tree, we've been able to make the appropriate correction.  If the Ingarfield family is of interest to you, why not got have a look at the corrected version plus new updates.
(Item added: 4th March 2008)

Over the last few months we have received many request for information regards families only loosely connected to the primary or extended families we publish here on the web site.  These are mainly families that are linked only via a marriage from one of the extended families and while worthy of research,cannot be published in the normal manner.  Pure numbers of people alone make it impossible to keep up todate. However, where we hold relevant information regarding such families in our master database, we can produce a Descendants report for the family which can then be viewed as a Pdf output.  At present, we have ten such distant families but other will undoubtedly follow shortly.
(Item added: 10th February 2008)

Woodall Family Tree has now been added to the site, bringing the total number of families now covered to twenty-six. Although this tree is not that extensive at this point in time, we hope to add further members in the near future.

We've just added the 2000'th person to the family database.  It was back in October 2006 that we reached 1000 mark and in just 15 months we've doubled in size.  Not a bad achievement even by our standards.  However, the real thanks must go to all you people out there that have kindly contributed masses of information which makes the site what it is today.  A big thanks to each and every one of you.  Ever upward, we can now look forward to setting a new target.  If you would like to see all the new additions, take a look at the recent entries in 'What's New'
(Item added: 6th February 2008)

For a time now we've been researching the Ingarfield Family, another London/Sussex family linked via the Scrase family.  Although we are still following up on other leads for this family, we now have sufficient data to publish.  If you have a connection with the Ingarfield family, obviously we would love to hear from you.  In the meantime, why not go have a look at what we have to date.
(Item added: 2nd Febriaruy 2008)

Thanks to the generous contributions of various people via Genesreunited, we've been able to add new names to Bashford, Scrase & Capes family trees.  For those of you not aware of Genesreunited, this site is well worth joining for a small fee as it compares each members family tree and outputs 'hot matches' where names/dates etc correspond with data in your tree.  Where you think you have a possible connection, you then have the opportunity to contact individual members to clarify the information plus on request, view their recorded family tree. A definate must site.
Click on this link for Genesreunited.
(Item added: 1st Febriaruy 2008)

At long last we have completed the Leppard Family Tree for inclusion on the site.  This has been a major undertaking due to the prolific number of family members found over the generations and even now, continued research will undoubtedly discover more in the future.  Obviously, if you know of somebody we've missed, we would love to hear from you.  It should be noted that although the main tree is now complete, some related aspects for the tree are still being worked on; such as the Gazette for Family members but we hope to publish these soon.  In the interim, why not go have a look of what we have to date.
(Item added: 21st January 2008)

Over the last few months, the time both my wife and I spend keeping the site up to date seems to grow with each passing day.  This is mainly due to the many appreciated contributions which make the site what it is today.  However, keeping each related page up to date is taking its toll and we have therefore decided to withdraw the Place Names Gazette page and replace it with Family Facts & Figures, a page that does not need so much maintenance.  We regret this move and hope it does not cause to much disappointment.
(Item added: 2nd December 2007)

Big thank you to Mike Male for his magnicient contribution to the Thornhill Family Tree.  The work involved in putting together all the data he sent must have taken ages and is very much appreciated.  We must also say an indirect thank you to Catherine Fines in Canada, part of the contribution sent by Mike.  Certainly filled in a lot of blanks plus adding later generations to the tree.
(Item added: 196th November 2007)

Following up on the item below, Nick Leppard has kindly agreed that we can include the Leppard Family Tree on this site.  However, please be patient as it will take a while to tranpose all the data.
After Note (19th Nov):  Transition of data is going well and we should be ready to publish in a week or so.

It is with grateful thanks to Bill & Thelma Doughty that we at last have been able to clarify and correct the errors to the Cutler Family Tree.  At the initial time of publishing, a number of facts did not quiet make sense which we noted as such but Bill & Thelma's contribution has now sorted the problem.  Thanks again Bill & Thelma.
(Items added: 6th November 2007)

It's taken less than 24 hours and already we have added two earlier generations to the Atkinson Family Tree thanks to Will Longstaffe's kind contribution.
(Item added: 4th November 2007)

Following up on some clues regarding my grandmothers family on my fathers side, we have been able to start building the Atkinson Tree, another Lincolnshire family directly related to Atkin.  Although early days yet having only traced the family back to 1824 so far, we are hopefully that this small sapling will grow into a full tree over the coming months. Why not go have a look at what we have to date.

While researching the Scrase Family, we found we were missing data regarding a David Leppard.  After a desparate search back through our files we luckly enough to discovered an old unanswered email from a member of the Leppard family.  Striking while the iron was hot so to speak, we dashed off a quick letter with the result that within a few days we had a reply.   Not only was Nick Leppard able to provide us with the missing data but he also had included the full Leppard Family Tree back to 1529, a tree full of rich Sussex family history.

We would obviously like to share this marvellous document with you and include it on this web site and have therefore contacted Nick to ask his permisson and now wait in anticipation for this reply.  Why not drop by again in a few days to see if Nick is agreeable to our request.
(Items added: 3rd November 2007)

Eternal thanks to Dawn Searle for her invaluable help with the Scrase Family Tree. A Sussex family with a big history.
(Items added: 25th October 2007)

Grateful thanks to Susanne Bushnell for her information on the descendants of Sarah Sophia Allam.  Another small piece added to the Allam Tree.

Also, Joy Holland for proving information of two new generations within the Heath Family Tree. The family continues to grow.
(Item added: 21st October 2007)
Many thanks to Susan Allam for her invaluable contribution to the Allam Family Tree.  Thanks a million and best of luck in your search within your own family tree.
(Item added: 19th October 2007)

Following some serious in-depth research specifically related to the Atkin Family Tree, a number of unexpected and exciting facts came to light which has required us to re-align a number of family relationships.  Having completed the re-alignment we then discovered this opened up many new avenues of research which happily has resulted in nearly doubling the size of the family tree.  The exciting news is that we still have not finished and have many more trails to follow up on.
(Item added: 17th October 2007)

It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of our new granddaughter Bethany Grace Cutler to proud parents Heather & Phil Cutler.  Born on the 26th September 2007, she weighed 6lbs 10ozs and is perfect in every way.

It is also with great pleasure that we can report another new member of the family, Megan Charlene Davis born 8th August 2007 to Colin & Angelique Davis in Germany.

Congratulations to all concerned.
Item added: 28th September 2007)

Grateful thanks to Kaylee (Gladman) Geurts in Canada for her contribution to the Gladman Family Tree.  Another small piece added to our huge family jigsaw.
(Item added: 5th December 2006)

Recently we have received a number of request asking if it is possible to provide a friendly print version for their family tree.  Something that can be quickly printed off and then perused at your leisure.  Always willing to oblige, we took on the challenge and have formatted each tree into a text output file which can then be printed.  To access this new feature you will now find a new link at the bottom of each family web page - VIEW/PRINT TREE SUMMARY. Click on this link and the subject family text file will open.  Print off the file in the normal manner then when done, hit your back button to return you to the original family web page.
(Item added: 5th December 2006)

We have to offer grateful thanks to the following:

Huge thank you to Anita Wilson for all the information she had provided on the Capes Family Tree, part of her massive family database which must have taken years of diligent research to compile.

We must also say a big thanks to John & Stuart Dawson who has provided valuable information on the Thornhill/Rain Family Tree's for which we need to spend some time having a look at.

Also Micheal Male who has supplied value additional information on the Thornhill Family with a promise of more to come later.

Last but not least, Sue-Lynn Gladman for her family data with a promise of more to come.  To all, a very sincere thanks.
(Item added: 26th November 2006)

We've cracked the 1000's person to be added to the family database and now look forward to setting a new target.  If you would like to see all the new additions, take a look at the recent entries in 'What's New'
(Item added: 27th October 2006)

Family Time Line:  At long last we've got the Family Time Line working.  This new page takes the form of a table listing the years between 1632 and the present (2006).  Against each year a historical notable event is shown which in turn then records individual family members whom were alive at that time.  Why not go take a look and see what has happening in history with your ancestors!  You will find a direct link direct from this page or from the main home page at the bottom of the menu listing on the left.
(Item added: 14th October 2006)

Gazette of Family Names:  The Gazette is an alphabetical  listing of every individual family name currently within the overall database.  Due to the number of names now getting longer and longer, it was getting a bit of a hassle having to trawl down hundreds of names till you found what you were looking for. With this in mind, we've reorganized the page to make it easier to find any individual name with just two clicks of your mouse.
(Item added: 16th October 2006)

Big thanks to Gaye & Janet White in Canada for their invaluable data on the Gladman family.  All this info has now been updated to the site and can be found by selecting the Gladman Branch.
(Item added: 16th October 2006)

Your Contact Details:  A number of visitors have kindly left a message in our guest book requesting further information of some aspect or other but then failed to include any contact details.  Could we please ask if you do require a reply that you include your email address.  Obviously, if you wish to keep your address private, can we suggest you either make your Guestbook entry 'private' or write direct to:  All correspondences will be answered in two working days.
(Item added: 16th October 2006)

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to announce the death of my father - Robert Atkin on 21st August 2006 following a short illness.  Robert (or Bob as he was known to his many friends and colleagues) was born on the 24th November 1917 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire - Son of Benjamin & Edith Atkin.  My father's whole life was dedicated to helping others through his work as a community leader and will be sadly missed by both family and friends, especially myself as it was he who was the inspiration in starting this whole project into family history.
(Item added: 29th August 2006)