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..Updated - 31st December 2011 - Read all about it  at Site News ..

31st December 2011 - Update to Chapman Family Tree
21st December 2011 - Update to Boseley Family Tree
19th December 2011 - Update to Davis Family Tree 
17th December 2011 - Further updates to Atkin Family Tree
7th December 2011 - Update to Atkin Family Tree
22nd November 2011 - New Family added Elliott Family Tree
28th October 2010 - Major update for Bosomworth Family Tree
12th October 2010 - Updates for Worker & Heath Families plus new photo's in Portrait Gallery
11th October 2010 - Updates for Bashford & Swabey Families. 
9th October 2010 - Updates for: Allam, Fox, Boseley & Atkin Family Trees. 
8th October 2010 - Update for Atkin Family Tree
7th October 2010 - Extensive Family Portrait Gallery Added. 
4th October 2010 - Two new generations added to Grindle Family Tree
23rd September 2010 - Two new updates for Leppard Family Tree
21st September 2010 - Major update for Cutler Family Tree
19th September 2010 - New update for Gladman Family
18th September 2010 - Major update for Swabey Family Tree
16th September 2010 - Further additions to Holzman Tree.
13th September 2010 - Early additions to Holzman Family
10th September 2010 - New Family Tree added for Giles Family
2nd September 2010 - New Family Tree added for Finch Family
1st July 2010 - Correction & New Names added to Atkin Family Tree
28th June 2010 - New names added to Shearmur & Scrase Family Trees 

23rd June 2009 - Major update to Worker Family Tree
18th June 2009 - New names added to Swabey Tree
12th June 2009 - New Family Tree added for Faulkner Family plus update for Swabey Family
4th May 2009 - Major update to Hales Family
1st May 2009 - Update to Bateman Family & Ingarfield Family
24th April 2009 - Updates to Hales & Worker Family Trees. 
19th April 2009 - New Family Tree added for Swift Family
17th April 2009 - Major update to the Hales Family Tree
14th April 2009 - Updates to Scrase & Heath Family Tree's. 
13th April 2009 - More updates to Swabey Family Tree
9th April 2009 - Further generations added to Swabey Family Tree
6th April 2009 - Update to Bashford Family Tree
4th April 2009 - Update to Ingarfield Family Tree.
7th March 2009 - Update to Allam Family Tree
3rd March 2009 - Update to Bashford Family Tree
27th February 2009 - Further update to Ingarfield Family
19th February 2009 - Update to Ingarfield Family Tree
13th February 2009 - Further updates to Allam Family Tree
11th February 2009 - New generations added to Dobbs Family Tree
17th January 2009 - New Atkin line discovered. 
6th January 2009 - New Remote Tree added - Dobbs Family
5th January 2009 - Further update to Atkin Family Tree
3rd January 2009 - Major updae to Bateman Family Tree
1st January 2009 - Major update to Atkin Family Tree

17th December 2008 - New family tree added - Hales Family (pdf).
11th December 2008 - New names added to Bosomworth Tree
7th December 2008 - New data added to Fox Family Tree.
5th December 2008 - New sub-branch added to Scrase Family Tree
2nd December 2008 - New names added to Boseley Tree
5th November 2008 - New feature added - Family Inter-Relationships Table
4th November 2008 - Major update to the Holford Family Tree.
25th October 2008 - New information received on the Swabey Family
21st October 2008 - New generations added to Beagley Family Tree
17th October 2008 - Three new generations added to Swabey Tree
11th August 2008 - New names added to Atkin Family Tree
8th August 2008 - New feature added to site - Individual Acknowledgements for information supplied.
30th July 2008 - New Generations added to Leppard Family Tree.
28th July 2008 - Updates for Atkinson Family Tree.
27th July 2008 - Major updates for Boseley & Leppard Family Trees.
24th July 2008 - Updates for Boseley & Allam Family Trees.
20th July 2008 - New family members added to Allam Family Tree.
18th July 2008 - New line added to Leppard Family Tree.
30th June 2008 - New names added to Swabey, Capes, & Leppard Trees.
19th June 2008 - New generations added to Capes Family Tree.
10th June 2008 - Updates for Atkin Family Tree.
21st May 2008 - Shearmur Family Branch added.
7th May 2008 - Bales Family Tree added to Distant Trees.
6th April 2008 - Updates for the Boseley Family Tree.
29th March 2008 - Was he a murderer?  Swabey Family throws up some interesting facts. 
28th March 2008 - New generations added to Ingarfield Tree & Swabey Family Tree added
21st March 2008 - Holman Family Tree added to Distant Trees.
20th March 2008 - Leppard Family update & Family Reunion Photo
10th March 2008 - More Distant Trees added for Holford, Argent & Martin Families.
4th March 2008 - Correction/Update for Ingarfield Family Tree.
26th February 2008 - Major Update for Capes Family Tree.
21st February 2008 - Update for Allam Family Tree.
10th February 2008 - Inclusion of Distant Family Trees: Worker, Beagley, Banks, Askew & Moss, Families.
6th February 2008 - New Family Tree added for Woodall Family.
2nd February 2008 - New Family Tree added for Ingarfield Family.
1st February 2008 - New names added to Bashford, Scrase & Capes Families
21st January 2008 - New family tree added for Leppard Family.

2nd December 2007 - New page added 'Family Facts & Figures'.
27th November 2007 - New family members added to the Boseley Tree.
23rd November 2007 - More new additions to the Allam Family Tree.
22nd November 2007 - New Family Tree added for Chesterman Family.
19th November 2007 - Later generations added to Thornhill Family Tree.
17th November 2007 - New generation added to Holzman Family Tree.
12th November 2007 - New additions to Cutler Family Tree including new generation.
6th November 2007 - Clarification & errors corrected for Cutler Family Tree.
4 November 2007 - Two new generations added to Atkinson Family Tree.
3rd November 2007 - New Family Tree added for Atkinson family.
25th October 2007 - New additions to the Scrase Family Tree.
24th October 2007 - New additions to the Boseley Family Tree.
21st October 2007 - Descendants of Sarah Sophia Allam added plus new names for Heath Family Tree.
19th October 2007 - Allam Family Tree & Davis Family Tree updated with new information.
17th October 2007 - Major re-alignment of Atkin Family Tree plus over forty new names.
29th September 2007 - Birth of our new Grandaughter - Bethany Grace Cutler.

5th December 2006 - Friendly print version for family trees introduced - see Site News for full details.
28th November 2006 - New details added to Gladman Family Tree.
26th November 2006 - New additions for Thornhill Family.
24th November 2006 - Massive update for Capes Family Tree
4th November 2006 - Site Help Page update.
2nd November 2006 - Cherrill Family Branch added.
1st November 2006 - Many new names added to the Grindle Family Tree.
26th October 2006 - New names added to Capes Family Tree.
24th October 2006 - New Thornhill generation added.
17th October 2006 - Site News page added - Features, Announcements, Acknowledgements & General News.
14th October 2006 - Family Time Line added at long last.
14th October 2006 - New Gladman generation added - Clarification of Pedigree required.
28th September 2006 - Gladman Family Line added.
20th September 2006 - Accouncement on death of Robert Atkin - Deleted
2nd June 2006 - More early names added to Allam Family Tree
30th May 2006 - New Generations added to Allam Family Tree.
18th April 2006 - Update for Cutler & Bateman Families.
21st March 2006 - New Generation added to Boseley Family Tree.
14th March 2006 - 14 further family names added to Allam Tree
13th March 2006 - Two new generations added to Allam Family plus history.

29th November 2005 - New generation of Grindle Family discovered.
25th November 2005 - New front page to the family photograph albums with interesting java applet.
22nd November 2005 - Additional information to Lynn family tree.
13th November 2005 - Historical Timeline related to family members.
10th November 2005 - Site map added for quick navigation around the site.
6th November 2005 - Major changes made to Allam & Lynn family trees plus Grindle branch added.
15th October 2005 - Major reorganisation of Family Photo Albums with new photographs added.
11th October 2005 - New sub branch added for Capes Family, plus new photos in the Gallery.
10th October 2005 - Atkin family tree reorganised following new data plus new names added.
6th October 2005 - New member of Atkin family added plus other marriage details.
30th May 2005 - New generation added to Cutler Family & names added to Swan Family.
28th May 2005 - Major adjustment to Scrase Family Line.
27th May 2005 - Earlier generation added to Davis Family Tree & Boseley Family .
25th May 2005 - Fox Family blood line established.
8th May 2005 - Site Search Engine added - see Home Pageplus updates for Bashford and Holzman Lines
4th May 2005 - Earlier generation added to Holzman Line
3rd May 2005 - Long awaited Holzman Family Line added.
26th April 2005 - Historical facts related to Davis Line added: Memorial to Reginald Davis plus interesting new link.
17th April 2005 - Two more generations added to Davis Line
14 April 2005 - Must see : A Murderer in our mist!!! 
12 April 2005 - Bashford Line traced right back to 1632
20 March 2005 - Wifes found for Parkin, Charles & George Atkin.
15 March 2005 - Additional names added to Thornhill & Swan family branches.
21 February 2005 - Earlier generation added to Bashford line.
18th February 2005 - At long last, inclusion of Guestbook plus new names added to Davis family branch.
17th February 2005 - Historical Maps page added.
15th February 2005 - New names added to Lynne family branch.
4th February 2005 - Allam Photo Gallery Added
15th January 2005 - New names added to ATKIN & BOSELEY trees
15th January 2005 - Inclusion of Useful Links Page
9th January 2005 - Two new members of the Atkin family found:  Elizabeth Atkin & Eugine Atkin.
8th January 2005 - Inclusion of Gazette of Place Names related to family names.

26th May 2003 - Three new sub branches added: Cutler, Bateman & Heath.
23rd May 2003 - Additional information update for the Bashford branch of the family.
10th May 2003 - Reputed origin of ATKIN & ALLAM surnames.
17th April 2003 - Maria Thornhill parents found plus news regarding public house run by the Thornhill family
25th April 2003 - Two new minor branches of the family added: Davies Branch & Longmate.